Monday, August 21, 2006


I don’t know what made me think of this
it just popped in my head like most of my flashbacks do

I don’t remember what year it was
sometime in the early 80’s

I had gone to a classmates birthday party
as a party favor I was given a pack of puffy stickers
It was woody woodpecker and friends..

I was quite pleased by this gift

When I was a kid you appreciated stuff like this!
I wasn’t showered with gifts on a daily basis like kids are today
now a days most kids are so spoiled - not all - but MANY -
and get so much stuff they don’t appreciated shit...
they just want more and more and more
and their parents give them whatever they want.
It’s actually kind of sad - because they will never value anything
I’m veering off the topic aren’t I...

okay - anyway - as I was saying
I was so mesmerized by this great gift I had just received!
I went home and showed my mom
she said.. “that’s nice”

Later that night I went to bed
I placed the stickers on the side of my bed across from my
pillow so I could look at them before I fell asleep

I wake up the next morning and I see in front of me
just the white card that they came on..

Then I notice in the corner of my eye
woody woodpecker stuck in my hair... I pulled it out
It hurt like hell.

Then I felt the back of my head
more stickers...

I spent the next 20 minutes
painfully pulling each sticker out of my hair
and placing it back on the white card

How the hell did they ALL get stuck in my hair
there had to be atleast 12 of them on that card
What he hell was I doing in my sleep??!

The stickers were still sticky
and I was able to salvage all of them

but still... it was tragic.

It was a tragic puffy sticker incident.

I don’t remember if I told anyone
If I did tell my mother she probably just said
“that’s nice”
Because nobody ever listens to a god damn thing I say..

and that’s my flashback


Lynda said...

You crack me up.

Those puffy stickers had really good stick. I liked the scratch and sniff's too.

CyberCelt said...

Here from Mr. Fab's blog for C&C Monday.

If you had a sister or brother, that sounds like a sibling trick. If not, you must have been an active sleeper. LOL

bozette said...

Here from your Mr Fabs place.
It is click and comment day.
Have a Great day.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

FYI, I'm NOT here from Fab's blog. You're my first stop, baby!

Nobody said...

I'm not here from Fab's place or for click and comment day. Just sayin'

That god damn woody woodpecker is always up to no good.

Nobody said...

Dammit Dick.. you beat me to it.

Anonymous said...


2 fools said...

Awww, that was absolutely adorable... the thought of little braided Jenny propping up her stickers to watch them... the nostalgia nearly made me cry... that is until I started laughing my ass off at the end result! HAHAHA poor little sticky Jennykins.

Anonymous said...

haaahaa! She does have a point, Jen!

Mr. Fabulous said...

And my guess is that after that, you got cleaned up, mom put that special helmet on for you, and then you went outside and waited for the short bus to take you to the special school...

Anonymous said...

haaahaa! He does have a point, Jen!

Jen said...

I thought you were on my side small!

Pattie said...

First time commenter...came here through clicking on blog after blog... I was from RI ,too! (until 6 weeks ago) I figure it is a small state, so I am sure we both may know some of the same people! Anyway, I thought your post was funny! I used to have puffy stickers like that too. Only I would stick them to my headboard...and get in trouble from my Mom for ruining the furniture :(

Jen said...

Domesticator -thanks for stopping by!
where in RI did u live?

Anonymous said...

Of COURSE I am, Jen. You're the best!

Jen said...

aww that's sweet

Anonymous said...

I had some sparkly penguin stickers once in 5th grade. I left them in my lavender fake leather Michael Jackson purse that I lost. Then a girl found my purse but the Biotch used some of my stickers.

But, I totally feel your pain with those puffy stickers. The adhesive on those things were like krazy glue or something. They stuck to anything, but eventually the puffy part came off... then you were just left with this stupid white woody woodpecker shape.

Jen said...

Amy - I laughed out
loud when I read that...

Zed said...

You know, Jen, this might possibly be the most moving story I have EVER read. I just cried and cried. And then CRIED some more. Then I told the story to my 87-year-old mother and she cried too. Poor woman, she's so old and she had to suffer through this terrible story.

I'm going to have to take a very long walk to try to shake off this feeling of extreme sorrow. What else can I do? Thanks Jen. Thanks.

Doctor Mom said...

I used to love Woody Woodpecker, but then a guy I adored and had a GREAT BIG school-girl crush on (Ross Erickson) started calling me Woody Woodpecker (resemblence only in hair color)

Now, I have flashbacks of my own...

I'll need to go back to my childhood shrink now.

Jen said...

Zed - it is quite the tear jerker..
but, I felt this story had to be told.

Doctor Mom - try doing a post about it
hahaha it's like going to a shrink

Annie said...

Poor Jen, even as a child you had those damn night tremors!