Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tuesday Work Sucks Haiku

And Now...
The Tuesday
Work Sucks

Ringing telephone
Can someone else answer it?
I think you all suck

Thank You

If you have an I Hate Work Haiku Please Post as a Comment.

- the first line five syllables
- the second line seven syllables
- the third line five syllables


Jim said...

I love your Tuesday Work Sucks Haikus, Jen!! I look forward to them everyday and it makes me feel better knowing others hate working for a living, too! Is it really so much to ask to have lots of money but do nothing all day? Paris Hilton can eat s**t. :)
Ok, I'm going off....

Anyway, love the haikus.... you should post them all....put them into a coffee table book... email me links to all your haikus and I'LL post em on JimSmash!

Is today over yet? Ah crap, its only 9am.

Jen said...

Thanks Jim!
Funny you say that
I was thinking of
doing a book with all of them!!

that is a good idea -
I'll get them all together
mine and the ones left by readers
- and do a
super Haiku post!

Anonymous said...

I work for myself,
I think I'll take today off.
Eat your heart out, Jen!

Jen said...

that's just MEan dick

Anonymous said...


Jen said...


Jon said...

This is my FIRST EVER Haiku
comments are appreciated...

This Place really sucks
Management is retarded
They are moronic

how did I do?

Jen said...

Fantastic Haiku Jon

Mainline Mom said...

Great haiku! I don't think I even know how to write a haiku. What constitutes one anyway? Oh yeah, and I work for myself too, so I don't mind it so much. I took Friday and Monday off. :)

Zed said...

deadlines from editors who
don't even "get it."

(Great haiku, Dick Small!)

Zed said...

Okay, okay, no begging. Just one more haiku and that's it for today, people. Stop pressuring me! :)

I am the best boss.
I give myself big raises
and long vacations.