Monday, August 14, 2006

So Since we didn't go camping on Saturday
and we were so disappointed
we did what anyone else would have done
in these circumstances...

we went shopping
and since Massachusetts was having one of their

and the sales tax in Rhode Island is 7%
We figured why not save some money! Right?
How can we NOT go shopping??

First thing we bought

A generator: total cost $600
2 weeks ago we had a HUGE thunderstorm
& lost power on one of the hottest days ever!
never again will we sweat...!

I bought this...
the sony cybershot
sure... I already had a digital camera
I have a Nikon D50
it's my pride & joy...
but you can't put the D50
in your pocket you have to be gentle with it
It's not a toy!

But the sony cybershot on the other hand
can fit in the palm of your hand!
Now the Slack can have a camera on hand at all times!
total cost -
camera, case, memory card $300
and since I'll be using it mostly for my BLOG
I guys owe me some money
I prefer personal checks... thanks

So the moral to my story
is that not going camping cost us some money!

Can I borrow some cash? Just a few dollars..?
Spare change?


❉ pixie ❉ said...

Ahhhh! My birthday is tomorrow and I just got the Cyber-shot too! Love it already!

Mr. Fabulous said...

And we make the checks out to...?

Jen said...

Pixie - isn't it great!

Fab - money orders or cash only

Teri said...

i have some pennies I can send?

Zed said...

I'll send you a check as soon as you pay me for visiting your renters.

Scarlet said...

Most people buy a postcard or a hat or a bumper sticker.
You buy a friggin' generator!!!!

Great holiday. I suppose at Disneyland you will come back with a chainsaw or a lawn edger.