Friday, August 18, 2006

pop tarts

MMMmmm Pop Tarts

My last post about "toast"
produced some comments on pop tarts
& since I can't think of anything better to talk about today
I'll keep with the pop tarts theme.

Watch This Clip

I have always been a fan of the Pop Tart
Some might say that they are disgusting
and taste like cardboard
but they are wrong... oh, so wrong.

I grew up on pop tarts
they are part of our pre-packaged pop culture
so maybe they aren't the healthiest
if you want healthy go grab yourself a bowl of Bran Flakes
and get the hell off my site.

the Pop Tart is a Classic
It ranks right up there with the Twinkie
and Coca-cola - You can't deny this.

of course some of the flavors they make now
I find offensive

like Cookie Dough & Wild Bubble-Berry
but like anything else -
"it evolves with the America's changing tastes"
it just so happens that these tastes suck.

Sure ... when toasted the frosting on a pop tart can give you
3rd degree burns - you have to be careful - it's HOT
don't just grab it! - Its gotta cool down

In 2001, the United States military
dropped 2.4 million Pop-Tarts in Afghanistan during
the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan
Okay so the Afghanis were not impressed with the Pop Tarts
and fed them to their Donkey's
Maybe they just don't know what good is!
I'm sure the Donkey's Appreciated them...

At first, there were only four flavors of Pop-Tarts
strawberry, blueberry, apple currant, and cinnamon.
They were not frosted because it was believed that the frosting would melt in the toaster.
However, they later discovered that frosting could survive the toaster and
released the first frosted Pop-Tarts in 1967.

Check Out this Pic Titled
Pop-tart gone terribly wrong.

My favorite flavor?
Blueberry Frosted of Course - Non-Toasted
Followed My Cinnamon Frosted -Toasted
then SMORES - Non-Toasted

I haven't had pop tarts in a long time
so now I need to go buy some

You should too.

Any thoughts?
I think this calls for a Pop Tart poll

They're OKay
Taste Like Shit - I hate them
What's the Hell is a Pop Tart?
Free polls from


Teri said...

wow, the video catapulted me back to the 70s, scary.

another good one, apple/cinnamon pop tarts.

can we speak about the calories for these bad boys? take a look at the box for the serving size and the calories! you'll be shocked if you don't already know this.

gfdgsdfg said...

As David Letterman pointed out many years ago, that poptarts can be mailed as post cards.... incidently, with no loss in flavor.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Sweet sweet Pop Tarts...

This post deserves a Pulitzer!

Anonymous said...

I voted GREAT, Jen. Pop Tarts don't taste like cardboard, as long as you toast them. I couldn't dream of eating a pop tart with no frosting. That is SO uncool.

Teri said...

i hate the unfrosted ones. I don't know why maybe they are dryer?

Moo said...

See but now I DESPERATELY NEED a pop tart!! I used to think they were the BEST thing in the world when I was little because my best friend had them at her house but we were never allowed because they were a waste of money and we were a poor poor mining family hahaha anyway yeah.. even though it's blatently the IDEA of them I love more than the ACTUAL taste.. to this DAY I struggle to say no to a pop tart (not that I'm offered them mcuh nobody eats them here *booo hiss* xxx

Anonymous said...

I shit you not, my toaster actually has a setting for Pop Tarts. Unfortunately that must be the only good thing it makes, because even at the lowest setting it burns the toast. But, I still have it even after 5 years.

By the way... frosted strawberry is the bomb.

Doctor Mom said...

I loved that commercial when I was little! I wanted a toaster just like that one... but I never got it :(

Tim said...

I loved them as a kid but i overdosed on them one year and stuck them in my locker like that kid on the pop tots commerical. Give me entemins strudel or pastry any day!!

Corey said...

I enjoyed watching Mom traipse around completely unconcerned that Susie & Milton were carrying on a conversation. And, why is this child eating pop tarts for dinner?

Libragirl said...

I buy pop tarts (Cookie dough rocks) and leave them at work for breakfast. I forgot I had a pack left and they didn't go bad. That didn't bode well for the brain, but the belly, loved them.

d3velop said...

I love all the "copy" on the sides/back of snack packaging. (Adjectives! Adjectives!) Once I got a (I can't remember exactly, I think) fruit pie...

It had a Best Before Date of sometime in the VERY distant future...

And right on the front of the wrapper was printed, "Baked Fresh Daily." That was a classic example of rhetoric. Wish I kept it or took a pic. Cheers.

Shelli said...

I love PopTarts! Yummy. I just wish that they were part of my diet plan. Maybe they will someday make low fat ones again.

Here via Fab.

Zed said...

Oh great, now I feel like a freak. I've never had a Pop Tart, and yes I'm an American citizen, born and bred.

Where did my mother go wrong???

Lorraine said...

You talk sooo much about yummy food, I like that in a girl. I'm gonna visit again. Glad Mr. Fab, kicked me in the butt, which will get bigger as I got pancake on the brain, way to go Jen!
I was a strawberry pop-tart myself, and then the coated strawberry one, burnrd tongue and all LOL

CanadianSwiss said...

I used to love them as a kid. Now I really think they taste like cardboard. And they used to have much more filling. The video was cute though.

wonderturtle said...

I ate them exclusively for breakfast throughout ninth grade, now they are spoiled for me. Sigh.

Jim said...

Blueberry Frosted are heavenly!
I also like the Frosted Fudge cause they're super healthy.

Both non-toasted of course.