Monday, August 21, 2006

5 things

5 random things
I am positively certain I will NEVER Do

1. Line Dance - BWAAAHAhahahHAHAHAhah hahah haa
2. Play Paint Ball - I just don't get why people enjoy this
3. Be a Bridesmaid - Never, ever again - So don't ask me
I won't do it - fuck that
4. Go to a Broadway Musical - No chance in hell -
you'd have to
duct tape me to the chair
5. Buy Yoplait Strawberry Yogurt Again - Yeah, I'm all set with
the crushed up beetles, thanks anyway - nice of you to list them
on the label - jerks


goober said...

i agree those things are awful i seen a bride have to deal with the worst brides made i felt bad for the bride cause the brides made didnt want her arms showing so the brides mom who made all the dresses had to make her a lil over coat

Chief Scientist said...

Man ... I have done 4 out of those 5. Well, #5 was for Lady Scientist. Actually, so was #1. And maybe #3.

Look at that ... almost all of them are because of a chick. Your gender is a cancer.

wonderturtle said...

Sing it, sister! You might want to issue an official Bridesmaid Retirement notice, as I did. My only exception is if I am allowed to wear anything I want.

Lorraine said...

I've never been a bridesmaid, after getting married myself, I decided on principle NEVER to do that to another woman LOL
(I'm the happiest divorcée ever)