Wednesday, August 23, 2006

River Phoenix
would have been 36 today
if it wasn't for
drug-induced heart failure... that is
that's a damn shame
I always thougt he was the coolest
when I was a kid

at least we still
have Joaquin
until he decides
to drunk drive
himself into a tree


2 fools said...

Little funny comment on "Joaquin"... we were watching something and I said to my that Joaquin Phoenix? He said (very smugly) it's "Joe-Quin". I said no it's not it's "Wah-keen" - he's like "Whateva!" LOL men...walking around in the dark, they are. SOME OF YOU, ZED...SOME OF YOU.

Teri said...

I miss River at times, he was a cool kid. I can't believe he would have been 36, that's the same age as my sister. I guess he always stays a kid in your mind.

Teri said...

Oh yeah, LOVE Joaquin!

SushiBoy said...

Wasn't River Phoenix the 'young' Indiana Jones, in the opening sequence of Last Crusade? That is one of my favorite movie sequences of all time.

Jen said...

SushiBoy - Yep! that was him

Lynda said...

I thought River was pretty good. I think he will have that James Dean type of quality. Without the festival and everything.

Doctor Mom said...

River was cute!

Joaquin... can't spell his name correctly... or he cannot pronounce it correctly... I don't know which.

Dara said...

I liked Joaquin better when he was called Leaf.