Sunday, August 27, 2006


We went camping with some friends
down near the beach.
It was a good time

The sleeping part wasn't fun...

Our site was too close to the road
All night long the sound of - traffic

It felt like we were sleeping in the
breakdown lane of interstate 95

AND it was windy as hell
I thought the tent was going to fly away

Then at around 5:45 AM the site next door
thought it would be a good idea to let their kids run around
and SCREAM at the top of their lungs for an hour.
that was nice

Why do some people let their kids continuously scream?
Do they not hear it? I don't understand...

Other than that - A good time was had

And that's my weekend...


gfdgsdfg said...

Tent placement can make all the difference when it comes to sleeping....well, that AND an air mattress. =)

I did enough tent camping without mattresses. I don't care what the purists say. Pine needles or dried leaves don't work.

As for the shrieking kids, I really can't talk...I usually bring 3 of my own. However, they are usually passed out until after 8 am. Camping usually wears them out and they are out by 9 pm the night before.

Camping rocks!

D. Prince said...

I really don't get the whole kid screaming thing. I have 2 very active boys and they don't scream or yell or even talk loudly. Yet everywhere we go we see and hear kids screaming. URGH!

I think you're right about it being a parent thing.

Glad you had a good weekend.

Your Girl Friday said...

Sounds fun, even though I'm not partial to camping whatsover... Communal/bush toilets, lack of electricity and a few torturous hours without my hairdryer make me very very nervous!

Ha!! I'm exaggerating a LITTLE!

And as for the screaming kids part - I know the feeling well. I get woken up almost every Sunday by kids in my neighbourhood, at 8am!!! Hideous!

Me and small children just don't get along... I try, really I do... it's just not gunna work out... I feel like I need my ear drums replaced whenever they are around

Next camping trip - take ear plugs. They are so under-rated.

Your Girl Friday said...

Ear plugs just don't get much love. What's with that?!!

I say, hooray for ear plugs!

Scream all you like devil children. Muhaahaahaha!

JSV said...

Ahh...yes, screaming kids. They are the equivalent to my barking dogs. If I weren't a person of ethics, I would poison meat and feed it to the mutt. As for the kids...get one of those blow horns or make a tape of a creepy, haunted house like scream and play it loud after saying, "Oh kiddies...come over here for a second...please." Then, BOOOM!

When dad comes by to rescue, you tell him, " was all part of the fun, after all your kids were screaming at 5:30AM and I thought they might enjoy a little outdoor mischief......was I wrong?" (hands at side with perplexed look)

Sounds lke a good storyline for The Office


Mel said...

I dont do camping...used to when I was younger. No more though. It was lot of fun though, sigh. I miss those younger days sometimes.

I would have given the parents a piece of my mind. I am so cranky in the mornings anyway, but screaming kids would make me livid! I dont so kids very well either, I had 2 of my own and trust me they would not be screaming at 5 am, mommy would have killed them. I think it would have been justifiable homicide.

Lorraine said...

LOL ...real relaxation there Jen girl...

jesse said...

Wow, it's been a looooong time since I last screamed at the top of my lungs... I have got to make time for it.

By the way, greetings from Manila! You've got a voracious reader here.

Dale said...

That's your tent on fire in the second pic right?

Nobody said...

I don't camp. Why pretend to be homeless for a weekened? I just don't get it.

mermade said...

I feel your pain. At least the kids were just screaming in general. My twin cousins scream at ME to get up at 5:00am.

Jen said...

stjarna - Air mattress all the way!
no pine needles for me...

D. Prince - Thanks!
Your camping trip looked way better than mine! Glad you had a good trip too..beautiful pics!!

Your Girl Friday - Ear plugs!!!
that's actually an awesome idea and I'm taking some next time
My husband has boxes of them at his work!

Joe - Sounds like a good story line to me!!

Mel - it would have definately been a justifiable homicide in this case
But I was too tired to get up and murder everyone...

Lorraine - the Slack never gets to truly relax!!

Jesse - WELCOME!!!
I love my voracious readers
Leave comments more often!

Dale - I wish it had been the site next to us - tent burning Muhaahaaha!!!

Nobody - It's fun! Sleeping outside.. kids screaming... smelling like smoke!! you are missing out!!

Jon said...

Jen, just once I would love to hear a story along the lines of

"yeah, went away for the weekend, it was very peaceful, relaxing, and fun! Nothing bad happened"

Sadly, I doubt that will ever happen for you.

Dutchbitch said...

Oh I totally know what you mean. Even though I have a child myself I find myself being extremely intolerant to others kids being a nuisance. I never get it why they don't tell their kids off. I thought that's what parents do... Obviously I am a freak parent.

Looooove the campfire!

Grant Miller said...

Thanks for inviting me.