Friday, August 04, 2006

Here is a video of
harassing some camera
guy who disagrees
with Scientology.

watch it


Teri said...

anyone who doesn't want a camera pointed at them has something to hide.

MC said...

This is creepy too

Jen said...

OMG such freaks!

Teri said...

and they thought David Kurash was crazy. these guys take the cake. you don't see catholic or protestant churches being this freaky.

Corey said...

My favorite part: "We are for total freedom. We're for total freedom here." Said while disallowing a camera on a public street.

No wait, I think my favorite part is where they accuse him of being a wife beater and child molester.

Or maybe it was this: "Why don't you just give it up? We're so much bigger than you. Look at you; you're one little wimp here. You're one little gnat. You're a little gnat, and look at the size of this church."

My runner-up is: "We're wasting so much GOD DAMN time with you."

MC said...

I sort of laughed in a sick way because accusing someone of a particularly heinous crime is part of the Church of Scientology's "fair game" policy.

Of course, when look for a link to such information, I found this particular bit of text.

"When brought up, they often try to change the subject and for example attack you, asking what criminal acts you have on your conscience or if you are payed by the drug cartells or something."

Hmmm.... interesting, isn't it.

Jen said...

It is interesting
Scary too...!

Operation Clambake
is a great site

That's how I learned about: THE CUNNING ALIEN EMPEROR XENU


They must really hate that site

Rapunzel said...

I must say I find the whole thing TOTALLY distressing. It makes me just want to SCREAM!!! .... oh GREAT, now my eyeliner is running into my EYES. Damn that stings!

MC said...

They've launched legal action countless times against it.