Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I love hummingbirds

I had an amazing encounter this morning
I went out to my garden to pick some basil for my friend
(I'm nice like that)

As I was reaching over the fence I heard something
buzz by my ear, I figured it was just a dragon fly.
I look up and there's a hummingbird hovering about
10 inches from my face.
She was just looking at me all curious.
Making cute little chirping sounds, I felt like she was talking to me.

She would fly a few inches up and stop then a few inches
to the left and stop...etc. She did this for a while
Always looking directly at me.
then she flew over and sat on the fence about a foot away
and watched me
All of a sudden she took off like a rocket

A few seconds later she was back
& she did the same exact thing, hovering right in front of me...

Unfortunately I had to go to work, but I think if I had stayed there
she would of eventually sat on my arm
I held it out for a while and she looked interested
it seemed like she was working up the courage.

I would have preferred hanging out
with the hummingbird all day...

Going to work wrecks everything!

I have two humming bird feeders on my deck and I see
them all the time but never quite like this.

Anyway it was a great experience
I think any encounter with wildlife is amazing
well, except if the wildlife wants to eat you...
then it's not good.

More info on hummingbirds

Ruby-throated Hummingbird Physical Description
Average length: 3.5 inches (8.9 cm)
Average weight: 1/8 ounce (3.1 g)
Wing beats: 40-80 per second, average about 52
Respiration: 250 per minute
Heart rate: 250 beats/min resting; 1200 beats/min feeding
Flight speed: 30 mph (48 kph) normal;
50 mph (80 kph) escape;
63 mph (101 kph) dive


Zed said...

What did you have for breakfast? I'm worried about you.

Jen said...

I hadn't eaten yet

Maybe I was hallucinating???

That bird was talking to me!!!
I swear!!!!

Zed said...

(speaking soft and soothingly)
Yes, Jen. I'm sure it was talking to you. Now just sit still for a while and let the meds kick in.

Jen said...

a butterfly talked to me too while I was outside.. I would tell you what he said...but It's a secret

look at the squirrel!
what a beautiful day it is!

jali said...

Sweet post.

Zed said...

Yes, Jen. I understand. All of the birds and animals speak to you, but just when no one else is around.

Do the insects speak to you too? Especially when you're alone? Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Yep.

(She's wacked I tell you ...)

Teri said...

you two crack me up.

Teri said...

maybe she was thanking you for the bird feeders?

Jen said...

jali- thank you =)

zed- the insects don't speak to me
they just crawl on my face at night
and give me
"Night Terrors" you know that..

Teri- I bet she was thanking me!!
See Zed.. Teri knows the bird was talking to me!!

Zed said...

If you remain very, very quiet during one of your "night terrors," you will hear the insects speak to you.

They have a special message that they've been trying to deliver to you for a long time--but you keep beating on the bed linens and making them scatter away.

... Oh, sorry. No, Jen. There are NO INSECTS in the bedding. None whatsoever. Not a one.

jan said...

I had the same amazing experience with a hummingbird early in the summer. It was like swimming with dolphins, well maybe not that spectacular, but I really felt that she wanted me to be part of her world.

When I told people about it, they gave me strange looks. Thanks for this post.

Jen said...

jan- Thank you for the comment!
It's nice to know I'm not the only
one who thinks it's amazing

please visit again!

Jen said...

Zed- There are NO INSECTS in the bedding...

There are NO INSECTS in the bedding...
There are NO INSECTS in the bedding...

I'm going to keep saying that before
I go to sleep...

There are NO INSECTS in the bedding


Anonymous said...

Careful of those hummingbirds. They're killers.

Annie said...

I wish I could enjoy the outdoors. "Hornets" wreck everything.

Ellie said...

Jen your not supposed to drink the Mike's in the morning!

Just kidding... I put out hummingbird feeders out in our new backyard.. I was so excited and the only one to see a bird...the hubby...go figures.

MC said...

I wonder if a hummingbird would drink mike's?

Jen said...

MC if they did..
I bet they would pick LIME!