Thursday, January 18, 2007


Thursday Thirteen

13 TV Shows
I Don't Watch
or Refuse to Watch

1. Lost - Never Seen it
2. 24 - Never Seen it
3. CSI - Seen it once - didn't thrill me
4. Law & Order - Never Seen it
5. The Bachelor - Never Seen it
6. Dancing with the Stars - Will Not Watch
7. Heroes - Never Seen it
8. The Apprentice - Seen it once - Hated It
9. Fear Factor - Seen it once - Really Hated It
10. Deal or No Deal - Seen it once - Hated It
11. Medium - Never Seen it
12. House - Never Seen it
13. Prison Break - Never Seen it

* This has been yet another fascinating post from casual slack


Webmiztris said...

ha! I'm so with you on this. The only one I watch is Law and Order because it's a classic. The rest I couldn't care less about!

Anonymous said...

fear factor blows

Matthew said...

you are definitely missing out!

Moderator said...

Wow! We have amazingly similar tastes in television shows that we don't watch.

dirty said...

I don't watch much TV at all...I haven't even heard of most of those shows...that's how out of touch with the world today that I am.

EJL said...

5 of those shows I used to not be able to live without. Now that I am preggers I am in bed before they begin!

Anonymous said...

Lost is the only one I sort of watch.

We've DVR'd all of Heroes, but haven't really tried to watch it. It's taking up precious DVR hours that are better used for the Office and Robot Chicken.

The rest... I'm with you.

Mel said...

Agree with Fear Factor and Apprentince and deal or no deal.

BUIT I LOVE 24, Lost and heros. heros I watch online. I am up to episode 6.

Tanya Espanya said...

Ooh, this is good!

1. Lost - watched first season, got bored, broke up with it.
2. 24 - my husband watches, not me
3. CSI - broke up with it, only watched the Miami one because we used to live there
4. Used to watch the reruns on A&E
5. Bachelor - no
6. Dancing - no
7. Heroes - wasn't that a movie with Fonzie?
8. Apprentice - so dreadful
9. Fear Factor - maybe someone should eat Donald Trumps hair
10. Germaphobe bald freak - no
11. Medium - no
12. House - like Hugh Laurie, watched occassionaly
13. Prison Break - again, I sit with my husband and read magazines or do my nails

But we do watch The Office, Amazing Race (shaddap) Coronation Street (yes, the long running British soap opera, but we're here in Canada, they make you watch it), Without a Trace, Simpsons, Seinfeld reruns

Jen said...

great list Tanya

>>someone should eat Donald Trumps hair<<

Bob said...

I like Law & Order SVU and CSI Las Vegas. Otherwise I agree with you 100%. But add Idol to the list. It sucks.

Your Girl Friday said...

We also have similar taste in TV. Like, that's soooo, wow!

But I do watch House occasionally. I like it. It's good. Not great. Just good.

Hmmmm, might to a 'fave' list on my blog. Hmmmmm

Anonymous said...


Watch Law and Order SVU.. all the other sucks, but SVU is good!

Also watch House! You would like him. He is a sarcastic ass. I KNOW you would like the show!!!

Promise me you will watch one episode. I will remind you next time there is a new episode on.

Ill watch an episode of The Office if you watch one of House. Deal?

Jen said...

Jon - DEAL!

Lynda said...

I haven't seen most of those, but I have watched Medium from the beginning.

I won't watch American Idol.

Jerk Of All Trades 2.0 said...

How the hell have you never seen Law & Order? They have like 40 different versions that somehow air 28hrs a day on 15 different networks.

Wow Jen, that's impressive. I bow to your superior aviodance skills. My Queen.....

LOST was good the first season, now it pisses me off. I can't speak for 24. The rest pretty much blow.

Jen said...

it's true
I am a champ at aviodance

it's like a gift


Anonymous said...

You don't watch "House"? That takes some restraint! Or regular flavor "CSI" with that sexy, zen-like Gil Grissom character on it?
So we all want to know...what DO you watch???