Tuesday, January 09, 2007

meme - zed

meme for ZED
ready.. set... go

1. a) Are your dreams recurring or new every night?
b) Do you have nightmares?

a. I have both recurring & new and they are all demented...
b. Sometimes

2. If you are stopped by a police officer for speeding,
how do you treat the officer? Are you friendly? Cold? Angry?
Nervous? Rude? Explain.

I try to be funny... but I'm ANGRY on the inside

3. Have you ever climbed a mountain? If so, where?
a small one - Mt. Kearsarge, New Hampshire

4. Have you ever taken a cruise?
Where to and for how long?
Alaska -10 Days
It was amazing - I highly recommend it

5. Have you ever given a speech before more than 200 people?
Where (generalities are fine)? no

6. What's your favorite holiday, and why?
Christmas, I like the xmas lights
AND people give me stuff!

7. What is a place you haven't been to,
but would like to visit before you die?
the lottery commission located in Cranston, RI
to cash in my ($150 million$) winning powerball ticket

8. If you had $5,000,000 cash to spend freely, what
would you do with it?

Buy stuff for family friends
new house.. at least 20 acres.. with big gate and guard dogs

9. What program do you use to send and receive email? Hotmail?
Outlook Express? Windows Live? MSN? AOL?
Something else?

10. In regard to fixing your computer, do you consider yourself to be
a) a novice, b) a mild (I have a little knowledge) expert, or c) an expert?

I can usually fix my mac if somethings wrong..
if it's a PC I have no clue

11. How many hours per day do you spend working/playing
(combined) on the computer?

8 hrs at work
and when I go home the computer is always on

12. Are you afraid of flying?
I hate flying but - I will do it.. I just don't enjoy myself

13. Do you have pets? What kind(s) and how many?
2 cats - you know this.

14. What are your favorite sports to participate in?
What are your favorite sports to watch?

I don't participate in sports..
I bike ride/hike that's it.. I like watching Football
- the New England Patriots

15. Last, but not least:
Do you consider yourself a happy person?

Mostly Happy - I wasted far too much time
being angry in my younger years.

16. Looking at the way your life has gone thus far, how successful
do you feel you have been in accomplishing what you set out to do
(whatever THAT is)--on a scale of 1-100%? 25%? 50%? 75%? 100%?



Zed said...

Answer #7 is great! If I go with you, will you throw me a percentage? Say 5%--that's still plenty!

Anonymous said...

Mostly happy is great. And 73% is really quite high, so that's good, too!

joe said...

I don't participate in sports either. All that sweating makes my 'fro limp.

Bob said...

I'm going to post this meme when I'm not feeling quite so lazy.