Thursday, January 04, 2007

the Office

Hey kids..
Don't Forget to

watch the
office tonight!


A refreshed and rejuvenated Michael returns from his Jamaican vacation
with an interesting photograph which circulates around the office.
Meanwhile an awkward moment arises when Pam is caught in the middle
of an argument between Jim and Karen


Some Guy said...

Fuckin' sweet! I got Season 2 on DVD for Christmas and promptly watched every one, back-to-back.

Lynda said...

You should get paid to promote this.

Joe said...

OK Jen...I tried!
I have watched four full episodes, three before hiatus and one after and I can't watch this show.

The camera shots through the window bug me. The editing bugs me. The acting and storyline bugs me.

I will say, the cast is memorable. The only actor I find funny all the time is the dude with the glasses who is always trying to climb the ladder. I think he's third in charge? He makes me laugh just looking at his face.

Jen said...

at least you gave it a shot