Saturday, January 06, 2007


I thought that my grand prize
may have been lost at sea.. which is understandable
It's a long journey from Dutchyland to the Ocean State

But lost.. it was not
my grand prize arrived in all its glory

• High Quality Xmas Card
• A "Winner" Medal I shall wear proudly
• Glow in the Dark Kama Sutra Dice
(Dick Small already asked if he could borrow them)
• Chocolate Body Paint
• Toilet Sticker -

Thanks Dutchy!

You have inspired me to have a slack-contest
if I can think of one...
Anyone have a contest suggestion?


Anonymous said...

cool prizes!

I wouldn't want to use those dice after Dick Small...

And, I don't have a contest suggestion, except that I should be the winner.

Anonymous said...

So can I borrow them or not??? Well????

DutchBitch said...

Hey Jen! Glad it finally arrived!

Have fun with the prizes! I am sure you can think of a great way to use 'm.

Dick Small should've played the contest if he'd wanted the dice, LOL

Anonymous said...

Damn. If only.

Lynda said...

Wow, you can buy some crazy stuff in Holland. And Dutch chocolate is one of the best. Don't believe the Swiss!

Anonymous said...

So, Jen, have you worn the chocolate yet?

Jen said...

not yet..
why? did you want to
borrow that too?

Anonymous said...

Well, if you're not using it. Nick LOVES dutch chocolate.

Anonymous said...

Actually, he'll do ANYTHING for it, really..