Monday, October 20, 2008

it's stupid

What's the deal with that commercial?
The one with the couple sitting in bathtubs
on a beach.. with no plumbing
staring out at the water
patiently waiting for a hard-on.

What the hell is that?

Yeah... everyone has decorative ceramic bathtubs
set up on platform over looking the ocean...


the stupidity of it all - infuriates me

What are your thoughts on this fine commercial?


Just Dave said...

I have always thought this to be s stupid image. I mean, have the guy jump in the tub with the chick or vice-wersa.

Matthew said...

It's trying to say that with Cialis, the plumbing in the outdoor tubs will miraculously work even though the plumbing is nonexistent.

Or maybe it's just showing where Americans will be living over the next 5 years after all the houses are foreclosed.

Anonymous said...

"waiting patiently for a hard-on"... hahahahahaha that cracked me up

Miss Alex said...

hahahaha this must be a thing from where you live I've never seen it... but what do i think? I think it's hilariously described LOL

Bob said...

What the fuck is going to do with that boner in the tub? The tub needs to be bigger, better yet, it should be a jacuzzi. That would be much more fun to fuck in anyway.

The Wife O Riley said...

I bet they're both sitting in tubs of ice because he was one of the lucky ones that got the 4 hour hard-on they claim you can get.

Coffeypot said...

I pray for a four hour hard-on. I don't know why, though. My arm and hand couldn't stand the strain.

M@ said...

I love the awkward phrasing. "And you can respond to her ONLY when she's ready."

If she WASN'T ready, you wouldn't be able to respond? WTF? There must be a better way of saying you won't get a four-hour erectin.


Anonymous said...

Oh my,laughing my arse off,lol. Strange commercial for sure!

wonderturtle said...

You may have been told this before... but you have the best use of font sizes ever.

Jen said...


thank you!!