Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Note To Mel:
Dear Mel, I always hated you.

I love that you embarrassed
yourself like this!


more on Mel's arrest


Mel's Publicist said...

AP -
Mr. Gibson's arrest is an unfortunate misunderstanding. Mr. Gibson, in conjunction with the CHiPs, was researching his character in the new movie "It's All The Jew's Fault" , due to be release in Decemeber of '07, where he plays an angry white christian.
Unfortanely, CHiPs lost sight of Mr. Gibson when he left the Blue Oyster Bar in Sonoma. Officer Estrada, who was responbsible for Mr. Gibson, could not be reached for comment.

Lynda said...

Oh, he will bounce back. As soon as he has a movie come out, everyone will be saying "Anti-Sematic what?"

Really, no one is going to think this is a big deal in 5 minutes.

Jen said...

yeah it's true

but I can hope that it lasts!

Ellie said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

My mouth fell to the floor when I heard what he said...especially after "passion of the Christ". I could not believe it!

the boodge said...

Mel hates you too!

Jen said...

He Hates me??
What did I do to him??

Are you sure?
What did he say about me??

I'm not even Jewish!


monkey said...

Mel hates jews

Grant Miller said...

I wonder if Mr. Gibson ever actually feels embarrassment.

Annie said...

I'm very disappointed in Mel. Saddened, really. :(