Wednesday, August 02, 2006


100 Most Often
Mispronounced Words
& Phrases in English

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Teri said...

hey, the south Philly people talk like this, cause you know they're all Italian and Phillyish.

I also think the North Jersey people speak like this as well.

Grant Miller said...

Up until college I thought "Vending Machine" was spelled and pronounced "Vendy Machine." It didn't make the list.

Zed said...

Last year I finally figured out that I was mispronouncing "often." Yes, I was pronouncing the "t." Oh, the humiliation!!

(I have since corrected my egregious error, yet still hang my head in shame.)

Lynda said...

They forgot warsh for wash, and ruff for roof.

Or maybe that is correct?

MC said...

It will always be expresso to me. ALWAYS!

Ellie said...

wow...after reading,it's safe to say, I do not have that problem.

whew...and I thought I was in danger!

Ritardo said...

and we need a book to remind us?

D. Prince said...

Oops, I'm guilty of saying Duck Tape.

Mr. Fabulous said...

This is valuable info!

How about most mispelled words?

Corey said...

I was speaking with an Ad Rep via the phone and she said, ATTRIBUTES. However, she pronounced it "a tributes"...I missed most of the remaining conversation because I was baffled by it.

Annie said...

This IS an invaluable tool. Thanks for finding it :)
Btw, how's that car pool tunnel doing?
(are they kidding or maybe it's the old timer's disease?) WOW!

I'm still laughing about your walmart thing depiction!!!