Thursday, March 16, 2006

I want one.

was on HBO last night.
I don't know about you, but I could
really use one of those NS-5 fully
automated domestic assistants.

"I'll take dinner on the couch tonight, thanks.
And while your at it... the windows need cleaning,
oh and did you make my bed?
Don't forget the laundry...
Oh, and feed the cats.
Hey did you re-stock the fridge?
Did you vacuum in here yet?
The room isn't gonna clean itself ya know."

Why can't the future be NOW dammit?


Annie said...

Yeah, that would be wonderful. Do you think they could fill in for me at work? I could use a vaca.

Goggles Piasano Ritardo said...

And the sex, oh my God!

Anonymous said...

what if u are too lazy to tell it what to do then what???

Jim said...

Sweet. I worked on I,Robot - Visual FX: the Robots. :)

It's not quite the real thing, but they made a cool dvd set that comes in a lifesize robot head. Check it out a pic here:,robot.jpg