Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Money well spent.

This is the DFX Metal Detector.
I bought it a couple of years ago. I cost me about $1,000.
Sure, they have models that cost $200 But nope,
I had to have the best one.
I had to have the shiny one with all buttons and lights.

It’s a sickness
Anyone who knows me, knows I have to buy the best one
and I if can’t afford the best one I have to have the next best one.

Friends call it the $1,000 paper weight the $1,000 coat rack,
the $1,000 clothes hanger... and so on, you get the gist..

These days I keep in thrown in the spare bathroom shower
just to get it out of the way. Recently my husband found Travis, our cat
curled up on top of it taking a nap.

I had some loose change on my desk this morning
and it reminded me of the DFX.

I probably used it about 5 times total
and when I say “I” - I mean my husband would walk around with it
(I don’t want to carry that thing, it hurts my arm)
and when it beeped I made him dig the hole.
I pretty much just stood there and waited anxiously for him to unearth that box of diamond rings and gold coins that I had envisioned finding.

Here is a list of what I actually found
• Rusty Nails
• Endless Pull Tabs
• Bottle Caps
• Wire
• Chunks of Unidentifiable Metal
• Cans
• Did I mention Pull Tabs..
• Couple of Quarters
• One Indian Head Penny (I was actually excited about that one)
• A Dime

Yeah, so it was definitely worth the thousand bucks...


Annie said...

All I can say is "I Told You So"...Please consult with me before your next "Big Purchase".

Joe said...

WOW...this brought back serious memories. As a jr high kid my buddy Rick had a MDet and we all got into it. For about a year of my life, using a MD was all I did. I loved it...and also had visions of collecting valuable coins on So Cal beaches.

Sounds like this needs to go EBAY!

Anonymous said...

I borrowed a cheapie metal detector from a friend who bought his at walmart for 200 bux, you can see my findings HERE. I had about the same luck as you but I had so much fun finding "lost treasures" right in my front yead!

Anonymous said...

For the love of God!!! Please sell that thing and be rid of it already!!!!!!!!!!!

Jen said...

Sir Seek - It looks like you had better luck then I did!
cool pics - you should post them here