Tuesday, March 14, 2006

some people suck

So I’m driving home from work yesterday and experienced an unpleasant event
I work in Providence, I take Rte. 10 to Rte. 95 South

So I’m on Rte. 10 minding my own business. I look over to my left and there this shit box type car with two punks in it (I don’t recall the make or model) but I know it was a piece of shit. So I look over and they're smiling. I think to myself ... what the hell are these jackasses looking at. I glance in my mirror again and there's ANOTHER shit box car driving BETWEEN us..

This is a 2 lane road mind you!

I instinctively jerk the wheel to the right -
I almost lose control of my truck. This little white hatch back with the loud muffler chugs by me, It wasn’t even FAST it was just loud and ugly.

I responded with a powerful 2 handed middle finger salute followed by a stream of profanities.

I could have lost control of my truck and gotten killed.
It could have caused a major accident.

And for what?? So these morons can prove who has the faster piece of shit car during rush hour??

I prayed both cars would veer off the road, hit a pole and burst into flames, but needless to say that did not occur.

I hope Karma catches up with them.
I’ll keep my fingers crossed.


Goggles Piasano Ritardo said...

Ok my comment before vanished, huh? We call them rice boys here. Loud, obnoxious, ugly cars with more fins than a shark. I want a missle launcher on my car to take them out. I put a link to your blog on mine. Look forward to seeing my blog linked from yours. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Umm yeah

SOrry about that Jen, I could have
sworn that was a 3 lane road. My bad!

Anonymous said...

All of a sudden I got a flashback of a white ford festiva

Anonymous said...

Sigh...No Kim said the above comment...Not jcfcp...something got messed up

Mostskillz said...

Actually, the proper term is Rice Rocket - not rice boy (can also be used to refer to import motorcycles). Rice boy is something else all together - for example, used as a racist derogatory remark.

In terms of 'race cars', don't single out import cars, there are just as many loud, obnoxious 'muscle cars' out there that many people tolerate. Adding to that is the numerous number of 'hogs' (harley davidsons') that also contribute to the dangers of the road.

No, I do not own any of the above, however, if you're going to shot anything out with a missle, do the right thing and shoot everything.

Thank goodness you have quick reactions, otherwise it wouldn't have been a pretty sight. Boo to illegal street racers!

Goggles Piasano Ritardo said...

well since the subject involved "rice rockets" I only commented on them. I would prefer to start with big ass SUV's. And yes there are some pretty obnoxious hot rodders. I guess my beef is, do it right or not at all. I have a rice rocket if you must. Miata with a BRP supercharger. But you wouldn't know it because I don't add ineffective crap like loud tail pipes and wings that are taller than the roof of my car. And who wants to hot rod a front wheel drive car? Makes no sense. The handling sucks.

Ron Southern said...

In my experience, karma seldom catches up with anyone.