Monday, May 15, 2006

Weekly Nornna

Definitely the Nastiest
Nornna Yet...


nornna 1
nornna 2

nornna 3 ( "I'm A National Celebrity")

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2 fools said...

Nornna's new album "Passing Time":
With her greatest hits:

1. (I'm Just) Waiting to Drop Deuce
2. Drilling a Spike, This I Like
3. Behind closed Doors (pinching a loaf with the cat)
4. My Belly's All Better, Right Patty?
5. The Great Anal Escape
6. Nornna's Grand Finale

Watch for her latest album in stores in June, 2006... "Snot Rockets - How to Pick A Winner"

Mostskillz said...

Stop the Madness!!

Anonymous said...

Damn you Jen for making me watch Nornna AGAIN.

Joe said...

Who takes a video camera into the can! This is what happens when you make technology for the consumer too easy to operate.

Buy this chick some magazines to read!

...and I 2nd this thought; "Damn you Jen for making me watch Nornna AGAIN."

Jen said...


Your Girl Friday said...

I feel so dirty....

Annie said...

I don't understand!!!!! Why do we keep watching? It's like self inflicted torture. Thanks Jen for making it easy to torture myself...