Wednesday, January 17, 2007

food review

Kellogg's™ Nutri-Grain™
Fruit & Nut Bars

I just tried this product
and I decided to write a product review:

- I like them, they're good.

©This has been a casual slack product review


dirty said...

I like the way you review things...short and sweet.


Anonymous said...

I'll try them, they look good.

Did I ever mention that I tried the strawberry mini-wheats from your recommendation? and that I love them?

Jen said...

You did?
YAY! glad you like them

Did you try Luna Bars yet?

Anonymous said...

nope, haven't tried the luna bars. I'll look into it.

Anonymous said...

I tried some other fruit and nut bar (maybe nature valley), and it tasted like evil.

Maybe I'll have to try these to compare.

Lynda said...

Do they have nuts in them?

Jen said...