Wednesday, June 04, 2008


THIS is what WORK
does to a person...
(*It's no doubt fake -
but I wish it was real!)

Office Worker
Goes Insane - go here


Lynda said...

Yuck. No cubicle walls.

The woman hit with the monitor seemed woozy. Good actress?

Coffeypot said...

I bet he just found out he wasn't voted the employee of the month. Did you notice the dude in the white shirt taping the shit and not doing anything to stop it?

Ken said...

I think it’s a fake. If you look at the first monitor on the left of the screen it is actually playing the playing the video. Also, when he picks up his monitor there are not wires connected to it.

Jen said...

no wires on
the monitors - you're right


It woulda kicked ass
if it was real..!

Anonymous said...

Here's another spinout jerk, but I think this one is a real one:

Gotta have your sound up to hear the slow simmer turn into a boil.

mixednut said...

Aren't those the new wireless monitors?

Anonymous said...

i would hate to have to work in that.Of course, being a stay at home mom gets old too.

Jerk Of All Trades 2.0 said...

One time I just went to move a monitor and there were a billion cords all tangled together that I forgot about and I almost brought a whole wall of crap down on me as I tripped.

Just like Ken pointed out, when he thorws the monitor, it's not attached to a damn thing. Therefore, I think it's fake.

I'da beat his ass just for hurting the first chick he threw shit at.