Tuesday, June 17, 2008


This makes me happy
go here
(watch the video too)

Pit bull rescued from
Michael Vick


Micgar said...

This is a great story-I love to hear about this-we hear about pitbull, Rotty and Chow attacks all the time around here, but not this kind of stuff! Thanks!
Michael V eat your heart out!

Teri said...

That Vick is an evil, evil man. I'm glad they rescued the dogs, that they could, and they are living better lives.

Anonymous said...

very good. im still working on my rescue German shep pup sally. she's 8 mos old and i woke up to the squirts this morning. yuck! its a challenger for sure, especially because she was a ferral dog, but rewarding to know a dogs life was saved from a kill shelter.

M@ said...

I want a dog again... but not until I get married and my wife can provide, let's say, 60-65% of the care.

Jen said...


SkylersDad said...

You just had to go and make me cry today, didn't you?