Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fun with Pen

I bought this a few months back
but I haven't been inspired in a while..

I need practice - to master the pen tablet!
Leave me a request in the comments
and if I dig it - I will try to draw it for you



Lynda said...

Can you draw me a new avatar?


Just kidding.

I would like to see an artistic depiction of Dick Small when he was on trial though!

Actually, the avatar might be easier. ROFL!

Jen said...

the trail one
sounds tough

I dunno if
I have it in me

Teri said...

can you make a picture of Jen at her "dream job"?


Anonymous said...

thats cool

Anonymous said...

Oh sure, Lynda, I misspell your name ONE time, and I'm, like, in the doghouse for a month.... well, that's okay, I can take it...

Coffeypot said...

Since I don't know what the hell you are talking about, how about a fancy question mark.

Bob said...

Draw me a pinball machine. Please. Thank you.

Special K said...

Draw me a Blue Footed Boobie.

Jen said...

oooh these are good

this may take me a while

cube said...

Did I ever mention that the very sight of those pesky pen tablets make me angry... very angry?


Amy said...

draw a fish for Chris.

2 fools said...

Draw me a Jodi Bixby driving a ricksaw. :)