Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just some weekend pics

Just some weekend pics

Our ritzy friends Dave & Deb
bought a summer mansion
on a lake

Which also happens to be about 3 minutes from my house
so guess who pops in all the time?? We do!!
Woo Hoooooo

But they love it..
Who wouldn't love me & my husband
hanging out at their home all the time

We can stop by your house too.. just give me directions
and be sure to fill the fridge with Mike's Hard Lime and Molson

one sweet view

a pterodactyl flew by while I was there...
okay maybe it was a heron - but we can't be sure

they even got baby ducks - what more can you ask for?

Here's a video of Tim & their daughter tubing on the Pond
Tim falls off

I however, could not go tubing due to my painful mystery illness
Life is unfair.


Teri said...

great pictures.

I find it funny that Tim was the goof that fell off the tube.

Anonymous said...

So nice pictures of a very lovely place! Silence, relaxation and enjoy the nature. Perfect