Wednesday, March 01, 2006

5 things that upset me

1. Screwing Up my Coffee Order
Medium Hazelnut Iced- Milk 2 Sugars on the Light Side - Easy Right??
I repeat this at least 3 times. Then I get a medium non-hazelnut with
cream dark... then they get MAD when I tell them it's wrong.

2. Passing on the Right
Driving home from work is like being on a NASCAR track.

3. When People Say "You Wouldn't Understand"
What am I?? a fucking monkey?
How do you know I wouldn't understand??
So unless you work for NASA, you're a nuclear physicist
or a mathematician -Don't Tell ME I wouldn't UNDERSTAND! thanks.

4. Being Shhhssshhhed
How old am I, five ??
Don't Shssssssssh ME - I'LL KILL YOU

5. Going to Work
I prefer to stay home, but then I won't have a home if I don't work.
See my dilemma? - this upsets me.


Anonymous said...

I am also a childhood friend of Jen's and I have only one thing to say:

Anonymous said...

It's like ordering the hamburger without the hamburger at McDonald's

Anonymous said...

Hi, everyone. My name is Angela I'm a childhood friend of Jen's. First let me say that I sympathize with your frustration, friend. Something must be done about this coffee shop incompetence...There are only three possible ingredients in a cup of coffee... how hard could it be?