Friday, March 31, 2006


Tomorrow is Saturday My favorite day of the week!
I remember when I was a kid Saturdays meant morning cartoons followed by "Creature Double Feature"

This was way back... when television sets had knobs and you actually had to get up to change the channel!
*Imagine the horror*

Creature Double Feature was on WLVI Channel 56. (that's UHF kids...)
Classic horror movies with Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney Jr.
and Bela Lugosi. It also showed the full range of old Godzilla movies
and B-movies from the late 1940's – 60's.
These movies are unquestionably CLASSIC!
I loathe todays horror movies.
Just mindless graphic violence and butchering.
- Not my idea of a good time.

Godzilla was no doubt my fave!
The bad acting... the bad voice overs. Priceless!

I think I'll netflix some of these movies! - Bring back the memories.


Mostskillz said...

Don't forget Ultraman and the classic episodes of Tarzan!!

Anonymous said...

Ugh..Im sorry but all of those old tv shows suck!
I'll take the mindless graphic violence and butchering anyday!
Happy now?

Jim said...

Kick ass, Jen!
It's a shame the saturday morning cartoon/creature feature days are no more. I feel bad for kids. Sure, they have cartoon network, but its different. I think there's room for both. Besides, not all kids have cable.

Joe said...

Pop on over to my blog and see what's there...amazing old skool flics...:)