Tuesday, March 28, 2006

"unofficial" episodes

No Star Trek shows on TV or Movies in production and the Geeks are restless... "Obsessive fans" have begun making "unofficial" episodes.

Yeah, and I bet they're really good too...

I'm no expert, but I think a Star Wars fan - Could kick a Star Trek fans ass any day. But I could be wrong.

See fox news for the Full Story


Mostskillz said...

If you like Star Wars and Star Trek, I highly recommend Firefly.

A follow-up movie, Serenity, was released last year.

Check'em out!!

Jim said...

awesome find, Jen! I snagged and posted on mine, as well. :)

(Firefly rocked! Watch before Serenity, tho)

Joe said...

Never saw an episode of Star Trek. All Trekkies need to praise Lucille Ball for making that series happen. Also you Mission Impossible fan. Lucy approved both these classic shows.