Friday, December 08, 2006


2 fools said...

Tonight is our holiday party at the Westin. How nice it will be to rub elbows with the same people I see everyday. Perhaps they'll have a booger buffet for my boss.


Teri said...

I tend to skip these functions.

who wants to see their boss picking his nose when they can see this in the office?

2 fools, hang out by the bar all night, that should help.

Teri said...

By the way, this posting is coming from the HOME of Teri. That's right, Teri has off today.

are you jealous?

Anonymous said...

Miss Friday in your picture looks like she's lots of fun. She's even making a FRIDAY face.


p.s. Sometimes I make a face like that on Friday. Most of the time, that's my Monday face, too.