Friday, December 15, 2006


the phone rang this morning at my house
I answered it

It was my husband

He said - "Hi.. where are you? Are you home?"


"Yeah.. I'm home"

seeing how I don't normally
our home phone on the road with me

Speaking of my husband
Here is yet another conversation we had last night

as usual he was in his sleep induced coma

So I shake him and say
- keep in mind he answers me while he sleeps -
Tim: What?
Me: Roll Over
Tim: What Dog??
Me: No dog.. Just roll over
Tim: What Dog? NO
Me: **sigh** You... are... snoring.. Roll over
Tim: No..
Me: Stop! - I can't sleep - You need to roll over!!
Tim: I did
Me: ROLL OVER!!!!!!!!!
Tim: No
Me: Please
Tim: No.. no dog
Me: There is NO DOG
Tim: No **followed by unintelligible mumbling**

He argues when he's awake
He argues when he's asleep
But amazingly enough
still I love him ...

*please note this drawing is not completely accurate -
I sleep on the left side and Tim does not wear polka dot Pj's
Thank you


Anonymous said...

first of all, I'm surprised you answered the phone.

second, that's a funny conversation with the phone. I could see if he called you on your cell phone, then it's appropriate to ask "where are you".

I love your conversations when he's asleep/snoring. I do the same when I'm sleep walking and there's someone in the area of my walking. Very interesting conversation going on.

Jen said...

I only answered it
because I knew only he would be calling at 8am..

Anonymous said...

HahAH! This reminds me of how my aunt had the following conversation with my uncle while he was asleep:

My Uncle: Go get me a rock
My Aunt: Why?
My Uncle: You know why...


dirty said...

Totally just laughed out loud and snorted. I live the same nightmare.

2 fools said...

Years ago I was married to a wack-job. The rock story reminded me of a sleep conversation I had with him that went like this:

"Ace, go get me a shovel"
"A shovel?"
"Yeah, get me a shovel, I'm going to bury you with it"

Fabulous. Let me go get that shovel.

Lynda said...

I have had many an interesting conversation while my husband was asleep. He hasn't told me any homicidal tendency things yet though.

RMStringer said...

I really understand this. I tell my wife to "roll over" and she will not! She will saqy i did, and i say, no u did not, now ROLL OVEr and i give her a push!! LOL
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Merry Christmas.