Friday, December 15, 2006


I was lying in bed last night
it was 12:30
and all I could think about
was the coffee I was going
to drink at 8:30 in the morning

I have a sickness.
I have an addiction.

Mmmm Coffee


dirty said...

You are not alone...I do the same thing.

2 fools said...

Coffee Coffee why you so lovely?
You make me shake, but I love to wake knowing you'll be there to love me.

Pepper said...

It's coffee! Oh, coffee! Oh, it’s what we adore
It's coffee that's needed; we gotta have more!
The refreshing odor, the comfort of warm,
A rite of the morning, it's part of our norm.
The taste and the texture, the color, the brew,
The options it gives us: “One sugar or two?”
As soon as we drink it, our eyes wide awake,
The caffeine is nectar, another we'll take.
A mug's not enough, so a second cup pour...
It's coffee that's needed; we gotta have more!

Lynda said...

Ewww, coffee. You can have mine too.

Anonymous said...

teri says:

I have to agree with Lynda. I don't like the stuff.

please have mine as well. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I worked the overnight shift last night and I must say, My coffee kept my alert, on edge and racing at about 4:30am, right when I need it! It was deeeeeelicious !!

This holiday season, let's all give thanks to the coffee bean.


2 fools said...

All hail the bean! ALL HAIL THE BEAN I SAID!

Lynda and Teri you betta hail the bean, too... you should love it just because the rest of your crew loves it...

Paul... thanks for upstaging me with your brilliant prose. I loved it!

DutchBitch said...

Hon... it is per-fect-ly normal to feel that way...

g-man said...

Im right there with ya! I get 6 shots of espresso with coffee on top from a local place. It aint cheep, so I had to start doing photographic and advertising work, plus help them with their computer stuff to get free coffee. A freekin bargain!

Anonymous said...

teri says:



ALL HAIL....oh, you get it already!

Zed said...

Great, now I have to get up and get me some Starbuck's frappuchino. Now look what you've all done! :)

Joe said...

Ahhh, I noticed Dunkin Donuts and not Tim Hortons. You are staying true to your anit-Horton convictions Jen!

I drink only instant coffee now. Have been for months. Is that lazy or what?

Mel said...

mmmmm cooffeee.......mmmmm