Thursday, February 08, 2007


Thursday Thirteen
13 random
places I have been... and lived to tell about

ready.. set... go.

1. New York City, NY so what if it smells like urine & trash
in the summer... it's NYC! So much to do... So little time. I dig this city.
2. Boston, MA Definitely my favorite city
3. Memphis, TN Beale Street... what's cooler than that?
4. Orlando, FL It's hot
5. Lexington, KY Lots of horses & fences... but beautiful
6. Cincinatti, OH meh..
7. Juneau, AK Everyone should visit Alaska at least once before they die..
8. Las Vegas, NV Love it..I got married there (as should everyone)
- But it's far too hot for me... we're talking Africa Hot
9. Gettysburg, PA Non stop excitement in this town*.. (*sarcasm)
10. Stowe, VT Quiet, beautiful, ample supplies of cheese and maple syrup
11. North Conway, NH Extremely touristy, fun none the less
12. Bar Harbor, ME Moose & lobster
13. Providence, RI *sigh*


Anonymous said...

is the sigh for Providence a sarcasm sigh or a "I love this town" sigh?

Jen said...

sigh as in..
I spend 40 hours a week here
and not by choice

Anonymous said...

Gettysburg PA

This could have been a more exciting town IF the State of PA hadn't refused to give them a casino gambling license recently. It was a 2-year fight. The locals were against it because it would ruin their once-a-year Battle of Gettysburg Re-enactment extravaganza.

Lynda said...

I will be going to Memphis next month.

Jen said...

too bad.. that town
could use some fun

lynda - beale street is ROCKIN'
go to graceland too...

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to feel the same way about Philly, Jen. Have been working in the city for too long. *heavy sigh*

Coffeypot said...

There is plenty of open land around Gettysburg for a casino. I’m glad the locals won that battle. If you are a history buff, and especially the Civil War history buff, like me, Gettysburg is just fabulous. I hate to see it build up anymore than it already has, and wish it could be restored back to its original 1865 appearance. If you want to dance, swim, gamble or party, go somewhere else. That is hallowed ground where some of the bravest men in history paid the ultimate sacrifice on American soil. There were more men killed and wounded on that ground in three days than have been killed in ALL the US wars totaled together since then. I don’t mind the slow pace and the tourist traps because they are tastefully done and not gaudy.

I have been to many of the same places you mentioned, but I enjoy Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA the most. Japan, Hong Kong and Hawaii were very interesting, too. But I love and enjoy my easy chair in my den the most. Yeah, Woodstock.

Mel said...

The only places we have both been to is NYC. Maybe I'll do my 13 too, but it will be bORING.

Jennfactor 10 said...

I got flown out to NY for training once, and I was PSYCHED! Rat Bastards scheduled every single hour of my day. You know what I saw? The taxi drivers all pointed out the field where Lindberg took off from.

JC Skinner said...

Never left the US, huh? Get a passport, man!