Sunday, February 11, 2007

it smells

My husband ate this nasty, meat like substance for dinner
as if the regular one wasn't bad enough..
they went and added 'bacon'

And let me tell you
there isn't a scented candle or incense on this planet
that can remove the stench of this rancid product from the air...

I had to open the windows and it's 23 degrees outside

How I fucking hate
s p a m


DutchBitch said...


Anonymous said...

everything but the squeal!
Better than SPAM!

2 fools said...

Ah god, that's just wrong. It smells like dogfood. What was he thinking? I can hear his arteries snapping shut from here!

Lynda said...

You know, my husband did that with sardines one year. It was almost grounds for divorce.

I can't say I ever had fake canned ham before though.

If you go to, apparently there is a book about Spam coming out. It could make a great Christmas gift. At least it doesn't smell as bad.

Annie said...

One word: YUCKAROO!

Bob said...

Spam doesn't even qualify as "meat-like". My wife's grandfather worked at the Hormel plant. You don't want to know what is in Spam.

Anonymous said...


joe said...

I absolutely LOVE Spam.

The Boob Lady said...


GrewUpRural said...

I have to agree with breonala. Scrapple is sooo much better than spam!

Jen said...

never heard of scrapple

and I hope my
husband Never finds out
about it either

Jen said...


welcome to the slack
thanks for stopping by