Monday, February 05, 2007


Worst Teacher Ever Flashback
Circa 1991

I don't know why this guy popped into my head today.

I had this High School art teacher
and he was a total prick
(I made you a visual) he looked like this..

He was a tiny.. little.. mean.. nasty man
And he hated me...
(Yeah .. I know it's hard to believe)

One day, I was sitting at a table during a so called
drawing class and my evil little art teacher was sitting on
the other side of the table directly across from me

He had his arms folded on the table
and his head tucked into his arms like he was sleeping
(yeah.. I went to a quality public school)
apparently he was in the process of getting a divorce..
whatever.. boo fucking hoo

so anyway...
he's got his head on the table and I say to him "Mr. F"
I need a new charcoal pencil...

he says nothing

I repeat myself.. umm "Mr. F" can I get a new pencil?
I can get it myself, where are they?

he says nothing

I say one more time
"Mr. F"...

He picks his head up AND SCREAMS
and I mean S C R E A M S


THEN He breaks the pencil
he's holding in half...
And FLINGS it across the room.
and puts his head back down
and stayed like that the entire class

everyone in the class was staring at ME...
ME... not him
Like I had just made the overdramatic scene. WTF?

What an asshole...I hated his guts

oh... the next day
he advised me not to go to apply to art school
because I wouldn't get in..


He should have been nominated for a teacher of the year award

He's probably in his 70's by now..
and I truley hope he's had a miserable life


and that's my flashback

Anyone have a teacher worse than this?


Moderator said...

My worst teacher ever used to go the bathroom during tests and smoke.

DutchBitch said...

He looks a bit like Avi...

Lynda said...

I had a teacher in college who use to humiliate me about my writing. He looked like that picture too! Except he would probably be in his 50's now.

Anyway, someone told me that he said stuff like that when he felt threatened because he wanted to be published.

Maybe I should write about him tonight. Can I use the picture? LOL!

Lynda said...

Oh did you happen to see the high school meme I did today? Maybe that's why you thought of the teacher.

I found out one of my favorite high school teachers died. *sigh*

Zed said...

Oh, Jen, this explains so very much about you ... lol

I had a couple of bad teachers too. One used to go to the back of the classroom every 10 minutes to take another gulp or two of alcohol stashed in a silver flask in the coat closet. She was not only a drinker but the principal's wife, so who exactly were we supposed to report her to? We were only 8 years. Unbelievable...

Some Guy said...

I had a social studies teacher who tried to convince us that slavery wasn't that bad for the slaves. I never had a teacher blow a gasket like yours did, though. He sounds much worse.

Sans Pantaloons said...

Ach, zis is ze deep recessed trauma zat I av encountered before.

Zis bad teecher as caused damage to ze hypo thallymus frontal lobey dosser inner twit dongle.

Vat zoo need badly (like my spelling) is ze cool Mike's 'ard lime. I prescribe one everyze two minutes...

Anonymous said...

holy shit! sounds like he seriously needed to be on some meds!!

Anonymous said...

I had a math teacher who used to cough up loogies while he was giving a lesson, swish it around in his mouth, chew on it then swallow it again. Although I must admit he was one of the few I got along with. Sorry, Jen. I didn't know your teacher and I hate him too.

2 fools said...

That guy was an effing douche bag. Funny - he didn't want you to apply to art school, but you were voted most artistic that year by the REST of the school.

I HATED that school and all the pretentious assholes that went there.

-Bitter (party of one)

Anonymous said...

I had a homeroom teacher named Mrs. Butterworth (seriously) who came to school drunk every day. During standardized testing, kids would be looking up stuff in the dictionary, sharing answers, listening to headphones, and she never noticed. She actually was a really nice drunk.