Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I got a present

this is "Bert"
he's a salesman where I work..

real name: Robert
but I managed to get the entire office to call him "Bert"
He hated it at first.. but I think it grew on him

we also refer to him as
"Bertholomew" & "Bertrum Van Shultz"

Bert says things like:
• "what are you talking a boot" (he's Canadian)
• "cool your porridge"

• "Oh my soul!"

• "WELL DARLIN' that's the way it is"
• Along with many other unintelligible phrases
(he's a bit of a mumbler)

He amuses me.

Anyway... today
He bought me a take 5 candy bar
for Valentine's Day..

I just thought you should know.


The Boob Lady said...

Aww, Bert is cool.

Ask him if he's going "oot and aboot" tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

That might be the worlds best candy bar.

For reals.

Moderator said...

I love Canadians. But I also hate them at the same time.

Mel said...

You have an admirer!!

All my in laws talk like that but strangely enough my hubby doesnt.

Candy bar score!!!!

Scarlet said...

Chocolate from a mumbler....??

Wonder what he really said as he passed it over?

"reggahh ha jj chicken scratching kajah d shower lka watch?"

Lock your door Jen.


Sans Pantaloons said...

I like Bertrum.

2 fools said...

Grant, I insist you explain your love/hate relationship with Canadians. I swear my boyfriend is secretly a Canadian. He says some odd things... like cash-SHEWS instead of cashews and Ben Afleck? he calls him Ben uh-FLEK, ya know with the emphasis in the wrong spot - Like the band Bela Fleck only BenuhFLEK. Once he called Vonage Voh-NAHHJ. I was quite shocked. I said, YO it's VONGAGE. He was like "Oh." Friggin' frenchy baboo.

Aren't you glad you know all that shit? I was happy to share it.

Love, Angie

2 fools said...

No not VONGAGE - that's the telephone company in Vietnam I think. I meant VONAGE.

Okay thanks

2 fools said...

By the way my boyfriend forgot to get me something for Valentines Day. I got him a gynormous coffee cup that says I LOVE YOU on it. You could fit two cans of soup in it probably. That is LOVE. It had a white fuzzy teddy bear in it and I got him a box of chocolates in a heart shaped box. My little Jack got me a little bear from school made out of wood and made me a card. It's interesting I'll have to show you a photo. Boy I'm a long-winded chatty Kathy today, HUH? I also have to tell you the story about my life from Sunday through Tuesday with my lovely boyfriend who decided to quit smoking cold turkey. Can you say Psycho Demon?

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing. I hope you enjoyed the candy and he sounds like a cool coworker.

Zed said...

So shall I cancel the dinner with you and your husband and invite you and Bert instead?

Anonymous said...

If anything can sweep a girl off her feet, it's a candy bar. Just don't tell the diamond industry!!

Dale said...

I'm still waiting to hear a fellow Canadian say aboot instead of about lo these 43 years. I hate us too Grant Miller.

wonderturtle said...

Cool your porridge is so much more environmentally conscious than cool your jets.