Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tuesday Work Sucks Haiku

And Now...
the Tuesday Work SUCKS Haiku

Morning was awful
Afternoon sucks just as much
Is it time to leave?

Thank You
If you have an I Hate Work Haiku Please Post as a Comment.

- the first line five syllables
- the second line seven syllables
- the third line five syllables


Marni said...

How is this...

I need a new job
Attention Monster dot com
Anything good yet

JJ Inc. said...

Quick 4

Why are you itching?
Sometimes burners look normal -
Shit, I fucked her too.

Dude, Its art not porn.
What do you mean juggs dot com?
Oh Yeah, that is porn.

"Poor Eddie Murphy,
Three blacks cant win in one year!"
Don't say that at work

Jen in accounting,
Why did you steal petty cash?
I'd have paid for some.

Moderator said...

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I'm too lazy to finish this.

Your Girl Friday said...

Everyone hates me
Because I treat them like shit
Cos I hate them lots

And it's visa versa.

This sucks