Thursday, March 22, 2007

A conversation

A conversation between me &
my friend/coworker Jo-Ann
March 22, 2007

Jo-Ann: I bet you don't know who this is on the radio..
Me: I do to..
Jo-Ann: who is it?
Me: Pat Benatar..
Jo-Ann: Very good.
Me: Yep.. I actually saw her in concert when I was 15..
me and my friend knew this disc jockey and he gave us
free tickets. I think it was in '89
Me: Really??
Jo-Ann: Yeah.. a midget threw up on me
Me: What?
Jo-Ann: I had sandals on and it was all in between my toes
I smelled like puke the entire night!
Me: **just staring with disgusted look on my face**
A midget, huh?
Jo-Ann: Yeah, you know .. a dwarf.. one of those little people..
Me: Did the dwarf apologize?
Jo-Ann: No he just looked at me and walked away..
he was wicked bombed
Me: That sucks...
Jo-Ann: Yeah it was gross. So what do you want for lunch?


TJ said...


so what did ya have for lunch :-)

Btw: Glad to be a tenant here; love your witty spark.

Jen said...


we decided
on pizza strips..

glad to have you!
I dig your blog
I gave you a
permanent link


Anonymous said...

pizza for dinner and pizza for lunch. dont wanna hear no whining for pizza this weekend at brunch

Anonymous said...

she's still touring, Jen. You can see her again and maybe have the same situation happen? Who knows?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I needed a good laugh! Any story involving puking midgets is all I need!

Anonymous said...

Pat Benetar was the best. Still is.

dirty said...


Bloomin' Crazy said...

That is truly disgusting! If someone (midget or not) puked on me, I would probably puke too.


The Boob Lady said...

I love pat benetar.

love her.

Anonymous said...

That may be the coolest conversation ever.