Tuesday, June 03, 2008

a conversation

So.. this morning
I'm standing in line getting my coffee
and I overheard two guys talking:

Guy1 : Hey.. how's Paulie doin'?

Paulie.. he's doing better, he's in rehab
but he's very, very anxious to get back to work

yeah, yeah.. good..good..good
anxious to get back to work that's good

Guy2: yeah, he's gotta get back to work

Okay.. let's stop the
conversation right there

Who the fuck in their right mind is ANXIOUS
to get BACK TO WORK??
especially when you're at rehab
I'm picturing a guy sitting around in his pj's enjoying iced tea
out in the garden - occasionally going to a group meeting
to talk about his "feelings"

Yeah I bet he's really anxious to get back to work.

Unless this guy works at the Wonka Chocolate Factory
I honestly doubt he's anxiously awaiting his return
to working for the man

and if he is anxious to get back to work
--- then he's an asshole..

just sayin'

*this has been a casual slack observation
thank you


Annie said...


Teri said...

maybe when he gets out he'll want your job.

SkylersDad said...

I share your feelings about this idiot! My dream job is actually sitting at rehab.

Lynda said...

I bet he's in rehab cause he is a workaholic.

Special K said...

Amen sister

Moderator said...

Paulie should have said "No, No, No" when they tried to make him go to rehab.