Wednesday, September 17, 2008

a conversation

So we're at this Mexican Restaurant
in Gloucester, MA
And no.. I didn't go to a seafood place
while I was in Gloucester
I don't like seafood! So Get Off My Back!


We're at the Mexican joint
which had great Salsa by the way...
Here is a conversation that took place
with the waiter

WAITER: "So how was everything?"
ME: "Great"
WAITER: "Are you guys regulars here?"
MY HUSBAND: "No, first time"
WAITER: "Oh, great, where ya from?"
ME: "Rhode Island"
WAITER: "Oh, Rhode Island, are you from Providence?"
ME: "No, about 30 minutes outside Providence"
WAITER: "Oh, are you guys from QUAHOG!?"

*we both look at each other - pause *
*followed by Laughter*

ME: "Yeah, and we drink Pawtucket Patriot Beer Too!!"
*we both laugh.. the waiter smiles*

WAITER: "So you guys do live in QUAHOG?"

*I look at my husband.. he looks at me*
*The waiter looks at both of us - confused*

WAITER: "There is such place as QUAHOG, right?"

MY HUSBAND: "No.. it's not a real place"


WAITER: "Oh.."
"Well, have a good night"

*he scampers off*

the end


Dr Zibbs said...

He totally did something to your food.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm familiar with Family Guy and even watched a few episodes but I didn't know where they lived.

That is freakin hysterical. Dude, why don't you make sure the place is REAL before you mention it????


Anonymous said...

BTW, how can you be a vegetarian and not like seafood? That's just crazy!

The Wife O Riley said...

You should have told him you lived in Springfield next to the Simpsons.

Goggles Piasano Ritardo said...


Jerk Of All Trades 2.0 said...

How sad. There really is a South Park here in Colorado.

M@ said...

There isn't?

Annie said...

You want to know what is really cool?
I actually knew what you were talking about in this post. A nice change of pace for me. :)

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Trukindog said...

Lois is smokin hot...for a cartoon.

Dale said...

I was going to but it looks like I was beaten to the giggidy.