Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I had a dream


now... normally I don't dream about celebrities

But in my dream
I was with my husband at this really busy pizza place

in front of me sat
Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie
along with the entire ethnic ensemble of children Angelina
purchased in her travels... they were all sitting on one side of the table
similar to the last supper

"maddox" was sitting there with
that pissy look on his face- as usual

now Brad and Angie were getting annoyed because they had been sitting
there for over 40 minutes (oh heavens, how dare they have to wait)
so they decide to leave
they hand me their receipt
and say "here- you can have our food- it's paid for - we're leaving"

So I'm like.. "uh, okay...thanks"

so they leave
my number gets called
I go up to the counter
The guy says "$85.94"
then proceeds to grab all my money which was in my hand

and I tell him "noooo I'm just paying for my pizza..
all I got was a pizza and two sodas!"

he doesn't answer..

I say "how much was it??"
he replies: "yours is $30
and you have to pay for the other order.."

Which was some tofu shit
I didn't want in the first place

So I'm just standing there and nobody is giving me my money back
I'm yelling "there's no way my pizza cost $30
and I don't want the other food - Hello?!? Can I get a receipt?"

And the guy behind the counter is waiting on all the people around me..
totally ignoring me..

So basically Brad & Angie fucked me with the bill...
Do you believe that shit?



SkylersDad said...

I can totally see that happening in real life!

Damn celebs!

Miss Alex said...

Ha Ha... I bet Maddox told her to do it... LOL

Just Dave said...

Freud would say that, sometimes, two assholes are just two assholes.

Coffeypot said...

Yeah! They cannot afford to eat out when they have their UN brood with them. The snuck out when they saw how much it would cost. Tightwads!

inland empire restaurant and food reviews said...

Typical Hollywood A-Holes, BS-- !

Joe said...

What were da Pitts doing in RI anyway?

That must be some damn pizza place ya gots there!

Who names their kid Maddox...that's a good dog's name...thanks...I'll bookmark it.

Dale said...

They always pull that dine and dash to adopt shit.