Thursday, September 04, 2008


my buddy Joe
over at the
Needs Your Help

for A dog named Brownie who was rescued,
went blind, and had to have surgery costing $2400

they are looking for donations
what ever you can spare
every penny helps!



Joe said...


To all who might comment...I hesitated a long time before contacting Jen for this. I HATE the idea of asking for donations.

This is one of those situations where the dog was so abused and neglected that life saving surgery was needed.

Her eyesight is back which is a miracle, but she still has other issues the docs feel will save her life, thus needing to go under the knife again.

The volunteers pay for everything out of pocket, and this was an extreme cost we had to reach out over.

Again, thanks Jen for helping us save Brownie's life.

This situation has totally stretched me as to what a life is worth. If I hadn't become involved with dog rescue this year, I think I might have thought briefly that the cost was too much for one dog.

After saving three dog's lives so far (I get the Red Listed dogs in the Los Angeles shelters) as a foster parent,my heart has changed completely.

Anonymous said...

Sent some money Brownie's way!

Don't feel bad about asking for donations. Brownie is lucky to have people that care so much about her.

Joe said...

Thanks Anonymous!

We're making progress. Little Zoey, my foster just recovered from Parvo.

The shelter's in LA are horrid. Would love one of the prez candidates to address issues outside of the obvious...never hear about animal care.

If they would, I can only see this as a positive for both Rep & Dems

Thanks to Jen for hosting this.