Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Play the
Sober Santa

go here


Goggles Piasano Ritardo said...

I want a beer right now.

Anonymous said...

I believe, speaking for me, that I would rather have an INTOXICATED Santa, as opposed to a SOBER Santa. The reason I say this is three-fold:

1. Santa might have a black-out and forget he already came to my house. He might come a second time so I'd score twice.
2. Drunks are notoriously more generous than sober people.
3. He might pass out in my house, then I could take everything.

Whenever I leave cookies out on Christmas eve for Santa, I also leave a bottle of bourbon. Who knows,

Teri said...

sorry, but how do you play the game?

Jen said...

use your arrows to move

pick up the drinks & whatever

if you hit the train track you get

Teri said...

Thanks Jen.

Tons of fun I WILL BE HAVING!!!!!

mine was so drunk his tongue was almost wrapping around his head.....

Anonymous said...

This game is GREAT, by the way. Too cool.

Anonymous said...

High score 633.
He's a bad Santa.

Lynda said...


I got 793. That game was awesome! HAHAHAHA!