Wednesday, December 13, 2006


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5 things you don't know about me..

1. I went to a catholic college
(I'm not a religious person) I just picked this college
because it had good parking and a pretty campus
My family wanted me to go to Rhode Island School of Design
.. there's no where to park in the city - fuck that..
Actually I didn't want to go to college at all - my parents made me
I wanted to take time off and chill .. not an option
I majored in art & photography and after one semester I knew I didn't
want to be a photographer. - Money Well Spent

2. The day I graduated from college I was so depressed I thought
I was going to die.. because I knew I had to get a job.. I was
Jobless for over a year - I would stay up all night.. sleep all day and
my parents would SCREAM at me everyday to get a job
The thought of actually working "Full Time" made me physically ill
(it still does..hahaha)

3. Ever since I was a kid I have had this fascination with fire
I always wanted to light the candles.. or I would want to start the fire
in the fireplace.. I would sit in the kitchen and strike matches and blow
them out and my mom would yell at me -
(and NO.. I never tried to set the curtains on fire)
Anyway My mom still calls me "the Pyro" (notice the campfire up top)

4. I don't really like to talk on the phone..
Don't get me wrong.. I do talk on it -
I just don't enjoy it, I'd rather talk to someone in person

We NEVER answer our home phone - ALWAYS let the answering
machine get it. I don't like leaving messages either
if I get an invitation that says RSVP.. I never call.. HAAHhaha

5. I don't believe in fate..
I don't believe things happen for a reason..
I believe in luck

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that means you too Teri


Sans Pantaloons said...

I'll need to ask myself what I don't know. If I can remember.

Pyro, now there's a theme for a few pictures...

Teri said...

damn, I almost thought I got away with doing this....

Teri said...

enjoyed the answers, the clues are all coming together now......

2 fools said...


1. I have five tattoos.

2. I take Prozac daily to prevent panic attacks.

3. I hate to talk on the and do not answer my phone ever and I don't return calls, either - in fact, I don't even check my voicemail. I have a cell phone, I don't use it except to answer it when my boyfriend calls. I talk in weird voices to solicitors or answer in different accents then act like I don't speak english.

4. I yell and make scary sounds at little kids standing on the side of the road when I drive by. I especially like being a passenger in a slow-moving car when a guy on a bike goes by, that way I can wait until we're real close and I can scream blue murder. They get mad, but deep down, I think they really like it.

5. When I was about 5 or 6 I had little tiny warts on my face and my cousin used to call me "wart face" - now my son has them... I will call him "wart face", he'll like that.

6. When I was in elementary school I had this dog named "Pumpkin" who liked to bathe in the backyard swamp (we lived on the bayou in Lincoln - crambo!). One day while waiting for the bus, little Pumpkin came over for a little patty pat on the head. I touched that stank stack and went to school smelling like dirty swamp foot. Some jerkoff called me "Greystoke" for the rest of the year and through the next.

7. Jen and I haven't seen each other in person 4 years. I think she's avoiding me.

Lynda said...

Jen, you really need to get out and see Angela, since neither of you talk on the phone.

And I hate the phone too. I like the webcam though. Thank goodness for webcam because my family can talk forever it seems like.

Zed said...

I hate the phone too. I haven't listened to voicemail messages since before Thanksgiving. When people/friends call, I speak for a bit then say I have to go. Yet I have no trouble visiting/sharing in-person time with people. I LIKE that. Phones? Not so much.

Jen, make plans to see Angela. It's time already!

Anonymous said...

I havent seen Jen in person in 1 year... I dont feel so bad now

Anonymous said...

I posted mine on my blog.

I haven't seen Jen in... ever.

Anonymous said...

Boy, you used to get yelled at. aLOT.

Anonymous said...

Also, maybe Angela could post pics of her tatoos some time. Or maybe her piercings.

Anonymous said...

I havent seen Jen in person for like, umm 6 or 7 years. I sometimes wonder if she had a growth spurt and is like 5'11 now or something.

I keep telling Jen that she and Tim should come visit Ohio... then she reminds me that Ohio is dirty.

Jen said...

Cleveland is Dirty
not the entire state
of Ohio...

You should move..

2 fools said...

HAHAHHA I can picture her saying that "Ohio is dirty." LOL

Dick Small - who told you about the piercings. I intentionally left that out.

Jen said...

I swear I didn't
say that all of Ohio
is dirty.. honest..

Jon is just bitter
because he decided to live
in Cleveland..


Anonymous said...

Hey, Cleveland Rocks! ... or so the song goes. Cleveland is the self titled "Nort Coast". Sure there are no beaches without trash and broken glass on them, and ok your skin will be discolored after 5 minutes in the Lake. It really is beautiful here though (well during those 14 days of sun we get per year)

Sure you dont want to visit?

We have Amish people! I remember you and Kim liked the Amish.

Anonymous said...

I was tagged Wednesday and found out Saturday? How slow is that?

Anyway, So what's this about Cleveland, OH?

I grew up on the east side, and have lived on both the east and west sides. Not all of it is dirty. Mostly downtown except for part of The Flats...and East Cleveland...