Monday, February 12, 2007

slack movie review

I netflixed
You, Me and Dupree...

it wasn't good
I rented it because
I liked everyone that was in it
but it was boring.. not funny
...and a waste of time

Here are some thoughts that
went through my mind as I watched it

• Why doesn't Owen Wilson just get his nose fixed?
He would look so much better...

• wow.. Matt Dillon has been around a while, remember him
as Dallas in the outsiders "Let's do it for Johnny, man. We'll do it for Johnny!"

• Kate Hudson left her husband for Owen Wilson...
I wonder if they broke up yet?...probably

• I can't stand Michael Douglas

• They showed all the funny parts in the Trailer .. and they weren't THAT funny

• This sucks

- lately
everything that I have rented has sucked
anybody have any good movie suggestions?


hapabukbuk said...

i have an odd sense of humor but if you like "out of the box" funny, rent psycho beach party. lauren ambrose is amazing. my favorite line: who do you have to f**k to get a hotdog in this joint? and i ain't payin extra for dialogue so cut the chin music.

Anonymous said...

I wonder the same thing about the nose.

I have no movie suggestions... I'm lame.

Mister Scott said...

wait... goldie hawn's daughter was in a boring movie? what good movie had she been in?

Sexy Lexi said...

I've been getting a lot of duds lately, too. Check out Sherrybaby, if you haven't already.

Jen said...

hapabukbuk- thanks!
I like every kind of funny...
I just added to my netflix list

AMY- I expected so much more from you...why must you always disappoint me??
Why Amy??

Castaway -you have a point

Lexi- thanks
I just added that one to my netflix too

Bloomin' Crazy said...

I really liked the movie Hard Candy. It's quite different, but the performances were spectacular and it's one you can ponder about for a while after it's over.

Jen said...

Hard Candy -
I have that one in my queue..
I'll move it to the top!

Jerk Of All Trades 2.0 said...

Check out "Employee of the Month". NOT the Jessica Simpson one, the one with Matt Dillon.

Invincible was ok if you're in the mood for a football movie.

Jen said...

I already saw the
football movie BUT

Employee of the Month..
that one has been in my netflix
queue for a while..
I will definitely move it to the top now

Did you get the D50??

Just Dave said...

I think "The Departed" was just released on DVD. Great gangster movie. Many twists and turns and Jack Nicholson is way over the top.

Anonymous said...

Everything Is Illuminated

rent it!

Scarlet said...

Owen Wilson is like that guy in high school. Never did the work, gave 3 smart comments for the year, thought he was good (& good looking) BUT WE HATE HIM!!! Never deserved any attention, EVER!

2 fools said...

No one wants to be the one to say it, but I will. Owen Wilson's nose looks A PENIS!

Hard Candy was alright - kind of twisted.

I like horror movies, Jen doesn't. We just bought The Decent, which I liked. The funniest movie I've ever seen was Old School. I laughed, I cried.

Jen said...

The Departed - I do want to see that

Everything Is Illuminated
- saw it - loved it!

Scarlet - But I still like Owen
and I don't know why...! HAhahah

Scarlet said...

Its his nose.. very subliminal.....

Jerk Of All Trades 2.0 said...

Yes, I did get the camera. It's cool, but if it were any more complicated, and had just a few less buttons it'd be a woman.

I'm thinkin that if I can just get it to call me jackass a couple times I might name it after my ex-wife.

Jen said...


it's not that
you'll learn to LOVE it