Tuesday, September 02, 2008

a conversation

I was in line at Borders on Saturday
and I overheard this conversation:

Two little girls standing in front of me
Cute... dressed in matching pink & white flowery dresses
white head bands... picture perfect

To my right... a shelf with merchandise
odds and ends mostly toys

A pack of three plastic life-like cockroaches
hanging in a blister pack

The older of the two points at the roaches
in a calming soft voice
"If I had those roaches - I'd put them in mommy's bed"
the younger one replies in a serious voice "yeah"
*nodding her head in an angry confirming sort if way*

They walk off.

The end


Dr Zibbs said...

I like their style

Anonymous said...

WOW, mom is in for some big trouble.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like those creepy twins from the Overlook Hotel. "Play with us Danny, come play with us."

Bob said...

my kids have fake dog shit that they like to leave around the house. our poor dog has issues now because of it..

Just Dave said...

Female versions of future Leopold and Loebs to be sure. (So Google the names if they are not familiar).

Annie said...

That brings me back to my childhood.

Only my sister and I would probably have just walked off with it.

alybeth72 said...

Kirby..... totally thinking the same thing!!!!