Monday, September 29, 2008

new family member

We went to the animal shelter on Sunday
and we came home with this...

we named her "Riley"
mischievous is an understatement.

Apparently some woman in town
had her house foreclosed on and she decided
to abandon all of her animals
a few dogs and a couple litters of kittens
she left them all outside...
her neighbors were feeding them

there's a word for this type of person

I hope Karma catches up to her
and kicks her ass

I think Riley likes it here
already acting like she owns the place!


Anonymous said...

I've heard this happening alot.

She's adorable. How does she get along with Jerry and Travis?

Jen said...

Jerry ran away
he's terrified

Travis was fascinated..
I think they might be friends.
click me

The Wife O Riley said...

I know that you know that I know you named her after me!!! :)

But seriously, she's adorable and incredibly lucky to find a wonderful home.

Anonymous said...

is she a polydactyl cat?

Sans Pantaloons said...

Welcome Riley!

No BS said...

People who treat animals like disposable garbage are people who have no value for any life. I think we as a society should start punishing these individuals severely. This behavior is indicative of a sociopath.

Marni said...

She is so cute! Reminds me a little of our newest member, Lily! They could be sisters... if you didn't leave so far away that is...

Anonymous said...

aww she's sooo cute! and it was nice of you to keep her. as for people who just leave wonderful creatures such as these should be fined the 700B $ lol.

Anonymous said...

Yep, fast friends. Either that or Travis is trying to smush the kitty.

Miss Alex said...

Oh My God the one photo under the couch is adorable!!!


lol... i guess living away from NY has its benefits

Indeterminacy said...

People! Cats are cute, but the real crime is this woman being thrown out of her house. Sure, she could have taken the animals to the shelter herself, but you would probably be pretty desperate if you were suddenly foreclosed and may not be in the best frame of mind to deal with all that.

Jen said...

she was a piece of
White Trash
who couldnt be
bothered to
call the shelter
and have her animals
taken away...

Dr Zibbs said...

Pretty cute. You should train it to attack, then if you ever meet the jerk that abandoned it - have the cat attack him in the groinage area. Or the eyes.

Lidian said...

You are wonderful to give Riley a home!

We adopted 2 grey sister kittens 8 years ago and they are amazingly wonderful.

Riley is a total cutie - congrats to you and to Riley!

Some Guy said...

That's exactly how we got our new cat. The people had been foreclosed on and adandoned the cat. Neighbors were feeding it, but with winter approaching, we decided we had no choice but to take her home.

Further proof that Jen and I lead parallel lives...

Jen said...

Thanks Kids!!

Anonymous - nope she's
got normal average paws

Jen said...

Chris - yep! further proof
we were separated at birth!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, it's great you people sure have a ton of compassion for animals but how come not a shred for your fellow human beings? Someone here even called this person sociopathic. Hey buddy, you don't know her circumstances. If her house was foreclosed on, like hundreds of thousands if not millions of others right now, chances are she was sold a bs mortgage by a lying banker / mortgage salesman like all the rest were. Now that's what I'd call sociopathic.

Marni said...

Ian - I have NO sympathy for people that have the capacity to take care of themselves and yet CHOOSE to abandon defenseless animals to die of starvation, exposure, or accident. This person had CHOICES to save her "pets" and instead she looked out for only herself.

Save your sympathy for the human race for actual HUMANS. This person was not.

Sorry, Jen, but that kind of shit pisses me OFF.

Anonymous said...

I have compassion for
human beings.
Does that mean I shouldn't have
compassion for animals?
There's is no reason this woman
could not make a phone call
to the local animal control.
She sounds like a lazy
piece of shit to me.


Jen said...

Marni- Don't be sorry!
You go girl!
I'm with you all the way


Anonymous said...

You know, there was a country in Europe that was once totally in the grip of an entire ideology one of whose cornerstones was based on blaming the victim. It was called Nazi Germany, and that's exactly the line of arguing you're taking.

I love animals too, and I don't excuse this behaviour either.

Marni said...

Now we are being compared to Nazi Germany because we are taking the side of THE victim which in this case is the CAT? Wow.

Just wow.

I don't know what to say to that. Wait... yes I do.

The "person" you are accusing of being the victim quite possibly had a phone, a car, FEET to walk to a shelter, and turn her animals in. She could have gone outside a Wal-Mart and given them away to people who would want them. Instead, no matter what her circumstances, she CHOSE to leave her pets to fend for themselves. Babies, at that.

Ian... SHE was not the victim. I am standing up for the true VICTIM in this case. Helpless, defenseless animals.

How can you defend the woman? YOU don't know what happened to her either? You are jumping to the conclusion that she "was sold a bs mortgage by a lying banker / mortgage salesman like all the rest were"... Please. How do YOU know?

Stay in Hamburg, Ian.

Anonymous said...

No, you're just using the same line of reasoning. Again, you don't know how fast she had to leave, you don't know if she was under physical threat, you don't have a clue what the circumstances are. Sure it's a bad thing that animals get abandoned. All I'm saying is your pouring your vile hatred and bile on this person is misplaced. And yeah, no need to say please, marni.

Marni said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marni said...

And you don't know the answer to those same questions. So you shouldn't be defending her. For all you know, she decided to quit paying her mortgage and move out with another man. She may know how to work the system. I worked in the Foreclosure industry for YEARS... I know the stories...

She did something dispicable by leaving animals behind that she should be taking care of. That is what I hate.

She can go jump off a building for all I care. I don't hate her... I hate what she did to the animals. She's a scumbag. Period.


SkylersDad said...

There is a special place in hell for people that abandon their animals!

Anonymous said...

I love my kitties beyond belief. I could never, in a million years, leave them behind.

Indeterminacy said...

You guys ever watch The Monsters are Due on Maple Street?

Miss Alex said...

Haha Haaa this is great...

Honestly if the animal can't speak, put its paw around a cup of coffee, hell if something doesn't have thumbs mother fuckers it shouldnt be left on the side of the road.

Marni is right she could have drove to a super market parking lot and offered them.

Unless that bitch fell on her selfish fucking face and was bleeding and her jaw was falling off and her fingers were snapped backwards and couldnt write a "Please take kitten" sign

there's pretty much no excuse.

sorry Ian you're in the minority on this one.

Indeterminacy said...

I don't think Ian's in the minority. I think most people are willing to give other people the benefit of the doubt in a difficult situation. Not everyone trashed the lady who was foreclosed, who they don't even know.

Micgar said...

Cute kitty! She's lucky you found her and gave her a good home!

Anonymous said...

There was a segment on our local news station that was talking about people having to leave their homes and leaving their pets behind.

It's becoming an epidemic.

I wonder if folks would leave their kids behind? Oh wait, a few folks have dropped off their kids at local hospitals because they can't take care of them anymore or they don't have the money.

It almost sounds like the depression. I think they were doing the same thing back then.

Cayman said...

Congratulations! We just adopted our cat Steve. His owner dropped him off in the street in front of the shelter. Luckily the shelter is a farm and Steve was smart enough to walk towards food.

I hope Karma kisses your ass. You deserve it.

Joe said...

Good for you Jen. It is a problem out here in LA as well.

Thanks to all the Slackers who helped or prayed for Brownie. We raised $2456 in 30 days of the $2400 needed for the surgery.

Does my heart glad when I know Riley has great parents.

That one pic was classic! Mischievous. How many takes before you got that one! lol

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progression can be determined by the way its animals are treated." - Gandhi

Jen said...

cayman- thank you!