Thursday, September 28, 2006


Teri said...

are those the strawberry kind?

Bob said...

So THAT'S where my PopTarts went!

Jen said...


You can't have them back..
they're mine now

Teri said...

have you tried the cherry yet?

Jen said...

never had cherry..
good stuff??

Anonymous said...

we discussed this on your last pop tart post and you said you needed to try the cherry since so many of us were lovin them.

go try them, Jen. NOW!!! GO!!!

Teri said...

that was me, don't know why I'm "anonymous" all of a sudden??

Jen said...

I forgot about that!
I will try them
then do a post on it
I don't think anything can
beat blueberry!!

Teri said...

once you do the cherry you'll never go back to blueberry.

Jen said...

that's crazy!

toasted cherry or non toasted?

Teri said...

hmmmmmmmmm, I think either way. try one toasted and one non-toasted and see what you like.

it's not crazy talk, just fact. although I'm partial to the cherry and don't eat the blueberry that often.

Bob said...

Yes, frosted cherry is the best. I do like blueberry, it comes in a close second to the cherry.

DutchBitch said...

So those are Pop Tards? OK... something new learned every day...

Jen said...

dutch bitch- you need to try them
special order!! right now!
don't wait... get blueberry

Bob said...

WTH? They don't have pop tarts in dutchyland? They must be smokin' something over there.

Doctor Mom™ said...

I have trouble letting my children eat the chocolate filled and chocolate iced pop tarts for breakfast... there's just something about it that rings more like candy than it does a nutritous breakfast

DadGuy said...

Oh man, cherry poptarts are the best.

I have some at home, now I want to go eat some.

I think toasted are best.

Zed said...

I am ashamed to say that I have never had a PopTart.


Jen said...

hold on..
did... did I just read that

You never had a poptart?

It's going to be okay..

We can make this right Zed..
We can fix this

I am giving you a mission:
Should you choose to accept it

You have to go to the supermarket
and purchase two different varieties

try them both toasted & non toasted
and then do a post on it

Then and only then
all will be right with
the world

Teri said...

you go, Jen.

we expect a report, sis! Soon!