Thursday, September 14, 2006

sick bastards

Last night I watched
Animal Precinct
I usually try to avoid this show
because it infuriates
& depresses me

It's like a "COPS" type tv show but for animals...

Anyway these two scumbag women in Brooklyn
threw 13 newborn puppies in a trash can
their dog had a litter and they just didn't want them

Apparently the neighbors got home around 2 am and heard crying
coming from the trash can when the opened it the saw two puppies wrapped
up in a bag they brought them in the house not knowing that there was
another 11 puppies still in the trash

the next day aspca police went to the house, searched through the
rotting garbage and pulled them out... 3 were already dead

they rushed them to the hospital - they did all they could,
but only two survived

I had tears in my eyes as I watched it.

I think that in these situations...
The people should have to suffer the same pain that they inflicted
(followed by DEATH of course)

Send these evil fucks back to the depths of hell in which they came
People like this do not deserve to breathe our oxygen...

When I rule the world... things will be different!
I will hand out death penalties like candy!!

I vow to rid the world of all the nasty people!



Anonymous said...

Aww... that didn't start my day off good :(

I totally agree with you, though. People like that never end up with the punishments they deserve.

2 fools said...


What the hell kind of people are there in the world? MY GOD!

Teri said...

you got my vote.

yeah, I can't watch this show either because I want to CHOKE all the idiots out there. FUCKERS!

Anonymous said...

Slack in '08!

Joe said...

Hey Slack
Being you hate your day gig, I thought you might want an outline for Finding Your Life's Passions.

1.What breaks your heart?
2.What keeps you awake at night?
3.What burdens your spirit?

"A broken heart and a burdened spirit will lead to a bold vision to do something about it!"

You just did point number one here.

Annie said...

People are so demented.

Mel said...

I cant watch that show either. It breaks my heart, you know how I feel about pets. There should be the death penalty for such acts!