Thursday, September 28, 2006


Have I Told You That
My New MacBook ROCKS!
I highly recommend buying one
Go- Hurry!
Order one - You'll love it


Teri said...

wow, I'd buy one just because it looks good.

my next computer will be a Mac. These PC's are for the birds.

Jill said...

I have an IBook and sometimes I sleep with it cradled in my arms.

Jen said...

Jill Aren't they the BEST!!

Do it!
They are far superior!!

Bob said...

I have a Mac. I never use it. I hate it. A lot. Why can't it print to a network printer? Why? I think OS 10.4 is broken.

Anonymous said...

You can't take my PC from me, try though you might.

I had a Mac for about 7 years, and I loved it, but in business, PC is the way to go. So I went. :)

Jen said...

Nobody - Pffft
Don't hate the Mac LOVE the Mac!!

Zed - pfffffffffftttttttttt
Photoshop works great on a mac...

just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I wanna know what the hell is so significantly superior about the OS on a Mac?

In ten words or less.


Zed said...

When you become governor of RI and start taking those bribes, maybe you can buy me one?? Please?

DadGuy said...

Oh man, I am so jealous. Macs rock.

Nobody, what's wrong with your printer? The mac should be fine.


Jen said...

Zed- okay...when I become governor
and get some bribes,
I'll buy you one
but only if you do that
pop tart mission I gave you!

Billy - thanks!& welcome!

Dadguy- Just sell that pinball machine &you can buy
a couple of macs!

Mixed Nut-
10 words?
How about 10 reasons
why mac is better

• User friendly
• Easy!!
• Visually Appealing
• Reliable
• Graphics
• 114,000 Viruses? Not on a Mac.
• No hunting for drivers
• Core Duo processors
• All the cool kids have 'em
• Last but not Least
it's Slack Approved!

now go buy one - hurry!
you'll thank me
you will!!

Bob said...

Yes, the mac SHOULD work. I keep having people tell me that. Fact is, it doesn't work.

I hate my Mac. I may throw it out a second story window just for fun.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we can get Nobody to do a top 10 reasons NOT to buy a Mac?


Bob said...

Good idea

DadGuy said...

Jen, I have a powerbook already, I love it. The only problem is... it's not new, fast and shiny.

Jen said...

u deserve a new shiny one!

Dale said...

Congrats on the shiny new shiny thing.