Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I was at my mothers house last weekend
and I had to take a picture of this

If you're in the neighborhood & happen to stop by her house...
You will notice she is big into home decor

the finest furniture, some antiques
her style: country / traditional

She is extremely particular about everything in her home.

if you decide to take a walk downstairs
to the unfinished basement
you'll notice this on the way down the stairs...

It's the muppets puzzle
I did when I was 11 years old

I believe it's a scene from the timeless classic
"the muppets take Manhattan"

My parents used to think I was this prodigy
because of my ability
to put puzzles together so quickly

It turns out I wasn't a prodigy
but I still like to pretend that I am... Is that wrong?

I just like the fact that my mother still has a puzzle I made
21 years ago hanging up with a blue push pin
there are even some pieces missing on the
bottom right corner


When I suggested she remove the puzzle
This was her response
"Nobody even goes down there but me
Leave the damn thing alone, I like it! If you don't
like it don't look at it!"

But I do like it - So there it shall stay.

the end


Anonymous said...

Mothers--nothing else like them. Let her enjoy your puzzle. So cute!

Mel said...

Its the muppets!! I love the muppets.
A muppet puzzle is priceless!

Teri said...

I agree with the rest of the crazy people.

except for that puzzling blogmad hit, don't know where that came from...

Citymouse said...

I went out of my way to buy off of ebay erie and bert muppets from 1970's because we had them when I was a little girl. I think stuff like that keeps you young.

wonderturtle said...


Doctor Mom™ said...

Your mom is very proud of you Jen. This must be your biggest accomplishment?

Anonymous said...

Moms do that. I still have some of my 13 year olds artwork, from when she was 4. I dont know that my mom has anything of mine...but that is a strange relationship

Anonymous said...

Nice work.
I still think you're a prodigy.
I would give you a BlogMad hit if I knew what it was.
It sounds kinda cool and you get a lot of them.
Maybe I need to start a blog....
I can type in the word verification, so... I'm getting close?

Anonymous said...

Very sweet. Ah, mothers, they will always be there when you don't want them around.

And when you need them.

DutchBitch said...

Awwwwwww.... that is SO cute!!! Sweetiecutiepie Mom!

2 fools said...

and HOLY SHIT... I remember that puzzle.

I also remember making gingerbread cookies with gumdrops and raisins. I loved your mommy. She was nice to me... even though I sometimes peed my pants.

EJL said...

that is really sweet. I have a bunch of finger paintings framed in my kitchen from my son. I get compliments all the time. Once a guest ..who is the artist?

my prodigy son of course!

Lynda said...

lol. I thing she should have hung it in the living room. ;) Your mom loves you!

Barry said...

I don't know if you are a prodigy. Anyone with half a brain would take that puzzle home with them,

Jen said...

mixednut- You should do a blog!
If you can type the word verification
you are blog qualified!!

Doctor Mom - this is my biggest & ONLY
accomplishment.. one Muppets puzzle
that's it

Anonymous said...

HAHAHHA!! I can totally picture your Mom saying that.. She is so cute!!

Moderator said...

I have that same puzzle hanging over my bed now!